This weekend, my Mea was a whirlwind of crazy. 

We actually had nice weather, so we got to play outside quite a bit.  She hung out in her gazebo, we made balloon animals, she swam in her blow-up pool, and she watched parts of several movies.

We had a few of the “sissy meltdowns,” when she was starting to get tired.  At one point Saturday night, she was so tired, really needed to go to bed when the “sissy meltdown” started.  I attempted to call Mack, but she didn’t answer, I sent her a text and told her to call ASAP. 

So while Mea was still in meltdown mode, I sent my youngest step-daughter a text asking if she was busy, and if she would mind calling her smallest sister.  The next thing I knew, they were on the phone with each other, and all was right in my Mea’s world.  So it would seem that although Mack is the preferred Sissy, any of them would do in a pinch.  This may save my sanity.

Sunday, she was back to her goofy self.  We went and bought some new school clothes.  Just a few things to tide her over for a while.  It seems silly to buy a bunch of jeans, when she won’t be wearing them for a couple of months.  I’m going to hold off for now.  If I remember correctly, Kindergarten is just about as messy as Pre-School.


This was her reaction when we found these ICarly sunglasses.  She was a little happy about them.  Can you tell?

Last night, my Mom, Sister and I went to a Norwex party.  Now, I had heard of them.  I hadn’t been to a party or seen them in action.  The party was at my Aunt Linda’s house, who is my Mom’s BFF, and who I have known my entire life.  She is like a second mom to my sister and I.  Anyway, we were pretty glad we came, because not to many people showed up.  Also, we got to see the products in action.  For the most part they are anti-bacterial towels.  You can use them for any kind of cleaning.  They also have bath towels, facial towels, baby towels (you can use them as a reusable wipe) and several different cleaning products.  If you know of someone who is a representative, and haven’t seen them in person, I would recommend that you do.  They are really interesting.  I used one last night to take my make-up off.  No cleanser, no astringent, no make-up remover, just wet the cloth down, and rub the make up off your face.  So clean.  Even all of my mascara came off, in just a couple of swipes. 

This is the weird part.  You can take the same cloth that you used to clean your face, and go clean your stove with it.  Or dust.  Or clean out the fridge.  Seriously.  Because of the anti-bacterial stuff in the cloth, it doesn’t spread germs around.  We’ll see.  When I get the ones I ordered, I’m trying them on the kitchen and bath.  I’ll gladly report back, if any of you are interested.  Maybe I’ll do some before and after photos.

About the end of the party, when everyone had picked out what stuff they were buying, had finished their snacks, and we were getting ready to leave, Linda’s ancient old dog came and jumped up on the couch next to me.  I was sitting there, I had given her some pat pats, the next thing I know I feel something warm on my leg and butt.  Her dog, had jumped up on the couch and just started peeing all over right next to me.  I was soaked all the way through my denim skirt, and my underwear. 

It was officially time to go home after that…besides the whole dog peeing on me thing, Linda was starting to tell embarrassing stories from when we were kids.  Like the time I thought I was going to die because a lady bug had landed on my arm, I still don’t like bugs, and I was only four then.  Linda fell up her basement stairs when she heard me screaming outside, and fell and twisted her ankle.  By the time she got outside, I was still screaming but the lady bug had flown away.


4 Comments on “Crazee…”

  1. Libby says:

    I wonder if those would work on sensitive skin…

    • Kelly says:

      They are supposed to be Libby. She said it works on break outs, sensitive skin, and they have special “baby” ones that people use as wipes or washclothes. She said people with exema really like them, too.

  2. Jen says:

    Hmm… do report back. I’m curious. Love the pic of Mea.

  3. Erin says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Norwex! Definitely curious. And the dog pee thing … ugh.

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