My Arsenal…

Buried in the bottom of my purse I have an arsenal of bug bite warfare.

Waging a war against bugs...

Seriously.  I carry this stuff with me at all times, now.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, or better to be safe than lumpy.  In addition to all this.  Mea is on a daily dose of Children’s Clariton.  I am about to drop that.  I don’t want her on medication if she doesn’t need to be, and it hasn’t helped her really when she has been bit.  Mea’s bug bites still swell up just as huge as ever.

We have also taken to spraying her hands, and making her rub bug spray onto her face and hair, since this seems to be where she is getting bit the most frequently.

I have a pack like this that I have stuffed in my husband’s car, my purse, and a floater.  The floater can go to my Mom’s or my sister’s in a pinch.  Lolo has everything at her house for the mean old bug bites as well.

I did ask Mea’s doctor about the bites at her last check up, and she seemed to think it would be something that she could gradually grow out of.  She didn’t think that it was necessary to have her tested for any specific allergies.  Our dermatologist said the same thing.  They both just said, to keep Benadryl handy wherever we are, and that if she starts having a hard time breathing to take her immediately to the ER.  Lolo has an Epi Pen.  So, that makes me feel better for when she is there.

She does have another new, humongous bug bite, again on her forehead.  Unicorn Mea.  I mentioned it to her teacher on Monday, so that they would know and not think I was beating her or anything.  It is on her medical information sheet in the nurses office that she has these reactions.  It is possible to have Benadryl on hand at school, but I need the doctor to write out a specific order, stating what she needs, a specific time that she would need it, the exact specific dose that she would need, and the type of Benadryl, chewable or liquid.  It just seems like a lot to do to leave some Benadryl there.  I can give it to her in the morning if she needs it , and Lolo can give it to her after school if she needs it, too.

I’ve decided not to worry about it at school.  Bug bite season is almost behind us.  At least, until next year.


5 Comments on “My Arsenal…”

  1. Beckey says:

    Have you tried this sabadil stuff?
    It’s homeopathic, I’ve tried the adult version and feel instant relief.

    • Kelly says:

      I will try that. Thanks. I think her doctor gave me the Clariton option to shut me up. When your child turns into a unicorn everytime she is bit by something, it make you annoying to the doctors. One of them at our office told me to keep her inside. A five-year old? All summer long? That guy obviously doesn’t have any kids.

  2. Monika says:

    Argh. Poor Mea and her bug bites! I hope, like the doc said, that it’s something she’ll grow out of. I know I don’t like those pesky mosquitoes, but I don’t have near the reaction that Mea does! 😦 Hang in there momma, and Mea too! *hugs*

  3. Jen says:

    That is a lot to go through to keep the Benedryl at school. I hope that with the end of bug season coming along, she’ll get a breather from them for a bit.

    • Kelly says:

      When I told Lolo about the process for leaving it at school, she said that if Mea really needs it on a specific day, that she will run up there at lunch time with a dose. Lolo is just the best ever. I really don’t think of her as Mea’s sitter, she is like having another Nana around. Since my Mea is down a set of Grandparents, it is really nice for her to have Lolo and her husband around.

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