Kind of Funny, But not Really…

Today, I thought of this little incident that happened to me once.

Over the last eighteen years of managing people, I have worked with tons of different types of people.  I am pretty easy to get along with.  If you come to work, do your job, do it well, we are not going to have any problems.

So I had this one.  She was off her rocker.  Would come in half drunk, in her pajamas sometimes, would come in late, wouldn’t show up at all.  I had many a conversation with her.  It was bound to happen.  She finally failed to show up one day, and I ended up letting her go.

I had called her over and over for more than an hour.  She would not answer the phone.  I finally got her to answer the phone, and she basically slurred to me that she would be in, in a little bit.  I told her not to bother getting dressed, that I would accept her keys at any point during the day, because as I had warned her previously that if she did this again, she would be let go.

She started an absolute tirade of screaming, swearing, apologizing, and screaming again, trying to get me to “change my mind.”

If you call me a “fucking bitch” and ten million other horrible names, some of which I hadn’t even heard before that day, I don’t think I am going to change my mind about letting you come back in.  You are done.

She called my boss, she called HR, she wanted to transfer, she wanted to come back, she would start to scream at them, and then apologize like she did to me.  They finally both quit accepting her calls.  When I didn’t get my keys back within a decent period of time from when I requested them, I had the locks changed.  She continued to call throughout the entire day.  I had to hang up when I knew it was her.

Just relentless.  All day long.

So we finally get done with the day.  The parking lot was about a half mile away.  We were making our way to my car, and it looked funny.  We get closer, and closer, and it is obvious that there is definitely something wrong.  Get to my car, and one of my front tires has a four-inch gash in it.  Flat as a pancake.

Seriously.  I drove past the parking lot today, and it reminded me all over again.

It takes all kinds of crazy to make this world go around, doesn’t it? 


5 Comments on “Kind of Funny, But not Really…”

  1. Erin says:

    Managing people is the worst. I did it once and decided that had to be the last time. I’ve got kind of a similar story for you about a guy my husband used to work with. He was crazy as well and ended up getting fired. After which he returned to the parking lot to key his old boss’ car NINE TIMES. They caught him the ninth time and he was arrested and all signs pointed to him being deported back to China. So he killed himself. Really a terrible story, I know. Ugh.

    • Kelly says:

      That is nuts, Erin. I had another guy once who I let go because he just didn’t get it. He was foreign, and we did have a slight language barrier, he actually acted like he didn’t understand that I was firing him. Begged me for 2 hours not to let him go. I finally got him out of my office, and he sat down with my assistant manager and begged him for another hour. It took forever to fire that guy…

  2. Jen says:

    Indeed it does. At my old job, I used to run a system that blocked innappropriate websites. One guy got blocked from Porn. He called and screamed at me about his absolute right to look at porn whenever he wanted to, who did I think I was, etc. Called me all sorts of names. I finally hung up on him. When I left that night, my tires had been slashed, all 4. The next day, there was a bullet on my desk when I came into the office. Things didn’t go well for him.

  3. Heather says:

    Was there a little note on your tire saying she was sorry and that she would really appreciate it if you would let her have her job back?

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