Cammie Sammie The Hammie

This morning after finally getting Mea ready, I was given some very specific instructions as to what I was to do over my lunch.

Mea:  “Momma, when you come home for lunch, you need to give Cammie Sammie Hammie her sippy cup.”

Me:  “Who is Cammie Jammie?”

Mea:  “Mom!  Cammie Sammie Hammie is my most favorite Littlest Pet Shop, ever!”

Me:  “Okay…what am I supposed to do with her?”

Mea:  “I said, you need to give her, her sippy cup.  The purple one.  Not the pink one.  She needs to drink her milk.  Don’t forget.  Or else.”  (She is so bossy!)

Me:  “Where is Cammie Blammie?”

Mea:  “Ugh!  She is right here, and she is Cammie Sammie Hammie.  Not Cammie Blammie.”

Me:  “And where is Cammie Hammie’s sippy cup?”

Mea:  “Momma!  It is right here, by the pink one.  But you can only use purple.  Not the pink one.  Do you understand yet?  And she is Cammie Sammie Hammie, NOT Cammie Hammie.”

Cammie Sammie Hammie, and the purple sippy cup. Not pink.

I have been schooled.  I better take care of Cammie Jammie Blammie Sammie Hammie over my lunch, so I don’t get in trouble.  Apparently, Cammie can talk to Mea, and she will tell on me.  That’s what I was told.



One Comment on “Cammie Sammie The Hammie”

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah, E’s Little Miss Sally can tell on my too. At least you can see Cammie Sammie Blammie Yammie Jammie. Hope you got it right. 🙂

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