Mea has a friend, “the mean girl,” who she has been “friends” with since she first started at her sitter’s shortly after she came home.  They are almost a year apart in age, but they both started Kindergarten this year.  I have over the last couple of years become “friends” with her mom.  I had already known her father, he was a few years older than I was in school, but he has always been in the same circle of friends that I have.  (I do have a really funny story about him, that I’ll have to share when I’m not irritated.  From junior high.)

They put their daughter into gymnastics at my suggestion, I was able to get the gymnastics academy to go ahead and put her in the same class as Mea, although she should have been in a beginners class.  Over the entire summer, I had picked both girls up from Lolo’s and taken them both to gymnastics.  According to her parents the class was too early for them to get her there.  I found out half way through the summer term that the father gets off work at 4.  The class started at 4:45.  They could have gotten her there.  They also did not come when they could, they just showed up when class was over to pick her up.

Maybe it’s just me.  I don’t like to leave when Mea is in class.  She is five.  If she were to get hurt while she was doing gymnastics, and I wasn’t there, I would feel horrible.  It’s not a likely thing to happen, but it could.  I have seen other kids fall, and get injured during class or practice.  Since school has started, they are on their own for getting their daughter there, but still do not stay.  I seriously think that they figure since I am there that if something happened I would take care of it, or call them.  Which I would.  That’s how I am.  Still annoying.

Last week was their daughter’s birthday.  Mea was not invited to the birthday party that they had for her on Saturday.

I know that just because their daughter was invited to Mea’s birthday party does not mean that Mea should automatically be invited to their daughters.  Again, it is just annoying.

This is the same girl that we were having some problems with at Lolo’s house.  So maybe I should be thankful that things are hopefully coming to an end.  We used to trade-off play dates between houses, and when they quit inviting Mea over, I quit calling for their daughter too.  We had their daughter over about four times, without them calling for Mea to come over.  I started feeling like their weekend babysitter.

In some ways I am glad that this has come down to this.  I don’t want Mea around their daughter if she is going to be mean.  I don’t want Mea to pick up on the attitude that their daughter has.  I just think that it’s really shitty how it’s all gone down.  I feel used.  I just hope that Mea is oblivious to it.  I don’t want her feelings hurt more than anything.  That kid better not say one word to her tomorrow about her birthday party that was on Saturday that Mea wasn’t invited to.  That will tick me off more than I am now.


One Comment on “Irritating.”

  1. Jen says:

    Being ill-used is so disrepectful of you and of Mea. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but worse, for Mea if she mentions the party. Ugh. I hope that didn’t happen.

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