In the Groove…

My girl and I are in the groove of this whole school thing now, well at least I think so.  We have our routine down in the morning. 

I get up at the same time I always have.  I just watch a little less of the morning news.  I get my clothes ready.  I get her clothes ready.  I pack her lunch if it is a taking her lunch kind of day (which with little Miss Suddenly I’m Picky seems to be often.)  I get in the shower.  I get dressed, and get my hair dried. 

I start waking Mea up about 7.  I have to go throw the lights on, pull the blankets off, and sometimes have to just pull her out of bed.  Sometimes she is really being sleepy.  Sometimes she just lays there with a goofy grin on her face with her eyes closed, pretending to still be sleepy.

I get whatever she’s eating for breakfast ready.  She eats and watches a bit of Curious George.  I go finish getting ready, putting on make-up, etc. 

I attempt to get her dressed.  I have really been trying to get this child of mine to dress herself.  She can do it.  She just typically chooses not to.  Rather than fight with her about it, and due to time constraints I usually just end up helping her.

Then its hair time.  God help me.  Some days it’s fine.  She’ll just sit, watch her show, and let me do it.  Then there are the days when she wants to be difficult.  This week I put her hair in Bantu Knots, in the front, and I can usually get a few days out of them.  This is a very good thing.  Today, I was able to fluff out her little poofs in the back, and we were ready to go.

Ready to go!


“Momma!  Can we go YET?!”

Today, she was ready to go so quickly, we had time to just sit before leaving.  That is so nice.  No yelling, no rushing, just leave when it’s time to go.

So nice.  But that was today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring…but then again tomorrow getting her to school is Daddy’s problem.  Ha!


2 Comments on “In the Groove…”

  1. Jen says:

    Hah, Daddy’s problem! Loved that.

  2. Libby says:

    Meg is already ready for school. She hates it when all the kids leave in the morning. I can wait. I like her a baby.

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