A Five-Year-Olds Version of Jury Duty…

This week, Lolo was summoned for jury duty.  She made arrangements with her daughter-in-law and family to cover kid duty, and was to be home in the afternoons most likely.  School drop offs were not part of the plan.  Parents were on their own.  This really doesn’t effect me, as I have been taking Mea to school daily anyway.  I can just make school drop off and get to work on time.

On occaisional days, Mea does have to go to Lolo’s in the morning.  If I have a meeting.  If I have to go in early.  Since school started this has been about once a week.  On Tuesday, Lolo called me in the morning to remind me of jury duty just in case I had forgotten, because Mea was home sick on Monday.

Mea was annoyed yesterday.  She wanted me to take her to Lolo’s, and for Lolo to take her to school.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  I tried my best to explain jury duty to Mea, but I think it was a bit over her head.  This whole conversation went down in the car on the way to school.  Maybe a five minute drive.


Mea:  I don’t want you to take me to school!  I want Lolo!  I want Paige to walk me to my class, not you!

Me:  Mea, Lolo has to report to jury duty, she is not taking any kids to school.

Mea:  What is jurys duties?

Me:  When people are arrested for doing something against the law, they have to go to court.  There are all different kinds of court, but sometimes a group of people, called a jury, have to decide if the person that broke the law, and who were arrested, really did what they are accused of, and if they really need to go to jail.  All people are innocent until they are proven guilty in court.  The judge helps them with the rules, and keeps thing running smoothly in the courtroom.

Mea:  Lolo got arrested!?

Me:  No, Mea.  Lolo might be one of the people who decides if someone has to go to jail.

Mea:  What did Lolo do?  Did she forget to wear her seatbelt?

Me:  Mea, Lolo is not going to jail.  Lolo might have to be on a jury.  She would listen to what the people say, and with some other people decide if that person has to go to jail.

Mea:  Was a jury there when we went and saw the judge?  Were we getting arrested? 

Me:  Mea, that was family court.  Usually in family court it is just the judge.  Adoption days are super happy court days.  Not all court days are bad.

Mea:  I hope Lolo gets a happy court day, I would be so sad if Lolo had to go to jail.


At this point, I just rolled my eyes, and decided that it would be best to drop the subject.  I just hope she didn’t go to Lolo’s yesterday asking her if she was going to go to jail for not wearing her seatbelt. 



4 Comments on “A Five-Year-Olds Version of Jury Duty…”

  1. Heather says:

    I love kids interpretations of what is going on around them. They seem to hear what they want to hear and decide on their own how things should work.

  2. Jen says:

    I love this. It’s such a classic example of trying to explain complicated things to a young, innocent mind.

  3. Libby says:

    Imagine if you tried to explain that Lolo could go to jail if she didn’t show up for jury duty, and all the excuses people try to make to get out of it.

    Her little head might have exploded.

    • Kelly says:

      I actually thought about telling her that, but as confused as she was getting her head would have definitely exploded. She did ask Lolo is she was going to jail for her seatbelt. Good thing Lolo has a sense of humor.

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