All kids need a little bit of it every now and then.  Some more than others.  Some respond better to different kinds of discipline.

I seriously could just give Mack “the look,” and she would stop whatever naughtiness she was up to at any given point and time.  She wasn’t one to get super dirty, or to get into stuff, or really to give me much grief about anything.  She also didn’t like to be in trouble, so there was that.

Mea on the other hand, hasn’t quite figured out my “look” technique yet.  She likes to push things until it’s ugly.  She really only does this to her Dad and I.  She doesn’t like to get into trouble at Lolo’s, so she doesn’t.  She doesn’t like to get in trouble at school, so she doesn’t.  She just likes to push my buttons. 

I thought I’d share some of the trial and errors methods I have used with my kids over the years for discipline.  Some are better for different ages, but all of these things have worked to varying degrees.

  • The Time Out.  Minutes to Age.  Easy enough.  As long, as your kid will sit there.  Mea will often flail all over the floor, bawling.
  • Time Out Spot.  We have a rug that actually says this.  I can put it anywhere I want to, the most boringest place the better.  This works better than sending Mea to her room or anything else.
  • Writing Lines.  Now I have not done this with Mea, I think she is still too little, but she is not too far off.  I did use this with our foster son.  An easy sentence written by me at the top of the page, to be copied in neat handwriting a specific number of times.  “I will not steal.”  “I will not lie.”  “I will not kick things.”  “I will not yell at my parents.”  This worked on a couple of different things all at the same time.  It drastically improved D’s handwriting skills.  It helped with his vocabulary, too.  He never had to do more than twenty or so.  Usually 10, a page.
  • Remove a privilege for a time that they determine is fair.  They pick the item, and the length of time to go without.
  • Teenagers.  Mack was grounded.  I knew how sneaky teenagers could be, since I was one, and I was a particularly sneaky one at that.  I would change all the channels on all the TV’s in the house to something truly bizarre, that Mack would never watch.  Like some religious channel or something along that line.  Then I would hide all of the remotes, usually in my car, with me at work.  If I came home and the tv’s were off of the channel I had turned them to, she was in big trouble.  She had no idea how I knew.  Seriously.
  • I would set all the computers with a security password.  Usually, something like “imgrounded” or “ilied” or “AAA’snotCCC’s” something along that line.  I knew she wasn’t figuring those passwords out.
  • The kiss of death is taking a teenager’s cell phone away.  Then again, I might die without my cell phone now, too.


Who me? I'm never naughty!


One Comment on “Discipline…”

  1. Jen says:

    This is a good list and I plan to steal from it. So far, the only things I’ve done with E are the look (which sort of works, sometimes), time out, and “toy timeout”.

    I think it’s a stitch that Mack didn’t figure out the television thing.

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