Oops, she did it again…

My husband’s niece is up to her antics again.  Actually, the more that I have thought about it, I am starting to think that these are in no way, “antics”  she is just that dumb.

The last of the “greats” in my husband’s family passed away Friday night.  Great Aunt Dorothy was the baby of the family.  She died peacefully around 5 PM, and was 87 years old.  My husband’s Aunt M (his mother’s sister) called him right after she passed, to let us know.

We took Mea to my parents house on Friday night, and we were headed out to dinner.  Between my parents house and the restaurant, Aunt M called again, around 6.  She was so upset that Robin had to calm her down before he could get anything out of her. 

My husband’s niece found out about Great Aunt Dorothy’s death right around the same time we did.  She promptly posted something on Facebook about her dying. 

Dorothy probably wasn’t even cold yet.  Seriously.  She had just died when Aunt M called my husband.

The majority of the family found out via my husbands niece’s Facebook post.

These family members all started calling Aunt M, wanting to know why they hadn’t been called, when it happened, etc.  She was livid.  She was already upset that Aunt Dorothy had died, but then to have everyone upset with her for something that her niece did, was very upsetting to her.  Rightfully so, I think.

When Aunt M called to tell us this new development, she started going off about how she was now done with both of her nieces.  My sister-in-law, and her daughter have both apparently been calling Aunt M asking for money.  They actually had the nerve to get upset when she said “no” to them, or when she asked them to repay her.  I am not surprised by any of this. 

Yesterday, when they called to let us know about the funeral arrangements, they asked Robin to be a pallbearer.  They wanted to ask his brother, as well, but asked my husband to call him and ask instead of calling him directly, I have no idea why this is.  His cousin who called, said something to Robin that made us realize that his sister and niece have obviously been running at the mouth again.  Before asking him to ask his brother, she asked Robin if he was still on speaking terms with his brother.  She obviously had been made aware of the fact that Robin refuses to speak to his sister or her daughter anymore since all of the drama last fall.

The whole thing is just ridiculous.

I also think it’s pretty amusing that she did basically the same thing that she accused me of doing last fall.  The difference was this time it was death.  No one should find out that a family member died on Facebook.  It is just not right.  But then again, I don’t really think they are altogether with it.  The two of them have some serious problems.  They hold secrets hostage and blurt them out at the wrong time.  They are busy bodies who feel the need to be in everyone’s business.  They are gossips.

They can be all these things and more.  I just know that we are done with it.  I am glad in many ways that Aunt M could see all of this in action, to know that we weren’t exaggerating, or making any of this up.  Not that you could make this stuff up if you tried. 




2 Comments on “Oops, she did it again…”

  1. Monika says:

    Argh! What a pain. 😦 I’m sorry about the things that you have to deal with – I’ve been in your shoes dealing with busybodies before. Not fun. My thoughts and prayers with you and your husband as you deal with the loss of Great Aunt Dorothy. *hugs*

  2. Jen says:

    I’m sorry you have to deal with that on top of losing the last of the “greats”. That’s a pain and you (and Aunt M) shouldn’t have that going on. I send hugs your way Kelly.

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