I Get a Sick Sense of Joy…

Last night, in the middle of reading Mea books watching Survivor, I was interrupted by loud squealing of tires, car doors opening and slamming, and a sudden onset of screaming coming from my window.  It was a pretty nice evening, so the windows were open.

There is a large church across the street from our home, and there are often things going on in the evenings.  Girl Scout meetings, Weight Watchers Meetings, Church Groups, etc.  There is some sort of activity nearly every night.  This squealing of tires, and screaming was not coming from any of these groups, there was a group of young kids standing outside the church probably waiting to get picked up from a parent. 

Apparently, it seemed like a great place to stop and have a screaming match to this young fighting couple, and some another woman.  It was also made pretty clear that “Mike” was cheating.  It was also made pretty clear, that “Mike’s” actual girlfriend did not like that so much.

What I didn’t like so much, was their really foul language that my child could hear them screaming from our living room windows.  I shut the windows, and shut the blinds.  I went outside to grab the dogs who were out in the backyard going nuts, and while I was out there watched “Mike’s” girlfriend pull him from the other girls car, and start wailing him with punches to the head.  She looked like she was pulling a Floyd Mayweather on his ass.  He actually stumbled before gaining his composure, and getting her to sit down in her car again.

The little girlfriend in the other car was just sitting in the car.  I am assuming she was waiting for him to get back in the car.

After the punches were thrown, still in front of all the kids at the church, I called 911.  It was not a good place for them to be displaying all their domestic violence.  Really.  If you must, do that stuff in the privacy of your own home, where you neighbors who know you, can call the cops. 

When I called and was speaking to the 911 operator, she could hear them fighting thru my phone.  They were at least fifty yards or more away from where I stood, and she could still hear them.  It turns out that the 911 operator is my neighbor, she lives right around the corner from us.  She took all the information, told me to call back if they left before the cops arrived.

While I was on the phone with the 911 operator, the girlfriend, just drove away.  Left the guy to deal with his crazy woman.  The couple stayed out there in the church parking lot screaming and yelling at each other, for 45 minutes after I called the police.  The police never came.  Seriously. 

I think this is kind of crazy.  I told them I had seen someone getting into a physical fight.  They were screaming so loud the operator could hear them thru the phone.  Just weird sometimes how this stuff works.

I do get a sick sense of joy when I get to call the police on the crazy people who seem to flock to my neighborhood.  How do they find us?  That is one part I don’t understand.  Where we live is nice.  There isn’t really too many crazy people who live right near us.  I think it’s just us.  I think no matter where we live, I would have to call the cops on some sort of crazy. 

Remember this time?

And this time?

The crazy, it follows us.



2 Comments on “I Get a Sick Sense of Joy…”

  1. Jen says:

    Crazy does seem to follow, huh? Maybe there can be some kind of anti-crazy spray you could make. I’d bet you’d make a fortune off that. I could use some.

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