Friday Observations…

I have a bunch of nothing rattling around in my head today.  This weekend is going to be all consumed with things that I am not looking forward to.

We have Great Aunt D’s visitation today, and her funeral tomorrow.  It would seem that the funeral which we had first been told started at 11, is going to be a marathon of grief.  Starting at 9am now for the family, some sort of service for the lodge she was a member of, followed by the regular service, burial, and luncheon.  My husband and his brother are pall bearers, so my sister-in-law and I will be together all day, which is fine. 

I didn’t really know Aunt D all that well.  I just hope that the family drama stays to a minimum.  Really.  We don’t need anymore drama.  My husband and I have both said that we will just not speak to his sister or his niece.  It is sad that it has to be that way, but I think it’s the best choice for everyone.

When your kid is finally used to a set bedtime, don’t mess that stuff up.  Mea has been going to bed quite promptly at 8:30 since school started.  She doesn’t have school today, it’s a teacher in service day, so I was a genius and decided to let her stay up last night.  Around nine-thirty, she turned into and evil, screaming, crying mess.  I should know better.

I have been having all kinds of problems with my contacts this week.  Not that they are the problem, I am the problem.  I have accidentally fallen asleep with them in, which makes my eyes all gooey and gross.  I put them both in the same eye this week, once.  I put them in the incorrect eyes once.  Almost makes me think it may be time for me to go back to glasses, at least I know I won’t have to worry about getting them in the right eyes.  Gah.

While messing with my contacts this morning, I noticed a grey hair in one of my eyebrows.  Now, I know that the hair on my head is mostly grey.  I know this.  I am afraid of it, but I know it.  I found my first grey hair when I was twenty-five.  I have been waging the war on grey hairs ever since.  This grey eyebrow hair, scares me for a couple of reasons.  My mom’s grey ones grow all crazy, and I don’t want that.  If my eyebrows go grey, how am I ever going to pull off this black hair of mine?  May be time to put down the box of home hair dye, and take my ass back to the salon.  I know that they can dye my eyebrows.  I would be afraid I would blind myself if I did it. 

I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday, the day after our marathon of grief.  It’s a good thing that it’s one of those where Mack, Mea, my Mom and my Sister are all also going, otherwise, I may have been tempted to skip it.  I really can’t (it’s a very close family friend), I know that, but I really have always loathed baby showers.  Even my own.  They are all kind of weird, and awkward, and since they are usually for pregnant people, there’s never any liquor.  (That would lighten things up.)  The gift registrations were so picked over we had to think of a gift outside of the box.  I think we did good.  We bought her a gift certificate to have the baby’s photo’s taken with our friend the photographer, who does all of our family photo shoots, and a baby picture frame.  Kudos to my sister for thinking of this one.

 So somewhere in this weekend, I also need to find time to do all of my laundry, and go to the grocery store. 

Otherwise we are going to be hungry people with dirty clothes.

I think that’s it.  Wish me a drama free weekend.  Please.




3 Comments on “Friday Observations…”

  1. ps3729 says:

    I’ve read through a couple pages of your blog and really enjoyed it. I had tried to talk myself into contacts a few times in the past; but basically am simply too much of a chicken. Well, your post has solidified I’m just not contact material. I would mess up even more than all that!

    Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi since I enjoyed reading your blog so far.

  2. Jen says:

    The grey hair in the eyebrow sucks mud! I’m finding those things popping up in my hair and had to double check the eyebrows when I read this! 😉

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