Where I Pass Down My Neurotic Behaviors…

So as a parent to any child, you are bound to pass down some of your own kind of crazy onto your own kids.  I will tell you that I have successfully done this to both of daughters.

Some bad behaviors that I know I have received from my Mom, are that I have a tendency to exaggerate a little bit.  I tend to dwell on stuff for far longer then I should.  I pick up hobbies and put them down quickly when I get bored with them.  I can sometimes be a yeller, and I don’t even realize that I’m yelling.

Mack may have picked up the exaggeration part.  Mea for that matter too.  It’s always an obvious exaggerations, no lying.  Things like, “Why does this have to happen eleven million times a day?”  I know it doesn’t happen eleven million times a day, but whatever it is at that time, seems to have happened at least that many times.  I also like to make up numbers when I do this, so instead of eleven million times, it may be eleventy billion times.  Just silly, now my Mom’s exaggerations are not quite like this.  I have just morphed her exaggeration habit into this for myself.

I roll my ankles around in my sleep, and/or, as I am going to sleep, I know that Mack and now Mea, both do too.  I don’t know why, we just do, it must just be a Monkeysoup kind of thing.  It kind of feels good.  Try it, see now I’ve passed on my crazy to you.

I have to get dressed in a particular order of clothing items.  If I don’t I usually feel weird the entire day.  Both of my girls need to do this now, too.  It’s just the logical order of things.  If you try to put Mea’s pants on before you put her socks on, you are probably going to hear about it.  Socks before pants.  It is a rule.

I need to have my watch on.  If I leave for the day, and forget my watch, I would rather turn around and be late to work for the day, then go crazy all day without my watch.  I know that there is a clock on my computer monitor.  I know that there is a clock on my phone.  If I don’t have a watch on, I have a little tiny bit of crazy panic that I am going to be late all day if I don’t have it.  Now, Mack finally caught on to the watch thing.  She tried to resist the power of the neurotic watch wearing, but she finally succumbed.

I have a major issue with certain textures of things.  Mack has picked this up some.  Mea has picked up on it entirely.  Like potatoes.  Eww.  Really.  I cannot stand the texture of potatoes.  Mashed, baked, au gratin, cheesey, you name it, I don’t really card for it.  I sometimes like French Fries, but they have to be skinny ones, and not so potatoey tasting.  I rarely even like potato chips.  Mea loves chips, but doesn’t like any other kind of potato, not even fries.

When we take the dogs to get groomed, I am so particular about one major part of the grooming process for them, that all the people at my Mom’s work (she works for our vet) think I’m crazy.  Now, both of the boys have to get groomed.  They are both poodle mixes due to my allergies.  Every time I take them in, they always ask the same question.  How do you want them groomed today.  My response?  “Puppy cut, short, and don’t forget to trim off all of their wiener hair.”  Now my boys are furry.  They are adorable, and I love them.  I wanted girl dogs, so I wouldn’t have to see any “doggie junk.”  My husband was tired of being the only “guy” in the house.  So the doggies are boys.  I can’t stand when the hair on their wiener’s gets too long, because they go around with crusty pee wiener hair.  Even thinking about it is making shivers run down my spine.  So now, anytime the boys start getting a little tiny bit of wiener hair, Mea freaks out.  “Momma, take them to Nana’s work!  It’s gross!!!”

So these are a few of my little bits of crazy that I am passing on to my children, along with their love of books, shoes, music and clothes.

What neurosis are you passing down to your children?



3 Comments on “Where I Pass Down My Neurotic Behaviors…”

  1. Libby says:

    I see no problem with weiner hair removal. It’s just good grooming.

  2. Jen says:

    I sigh. A LOT. I also put my hands on my hips because hello! Women’s clothes rarely have pockets. E has picked up on both of these things. I didn’t even know I sighed and did the hands on hips thing until I saw (and heard) her doing it.

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