Precious Gift…

In our mail yesterday, there was a card shaped envelope addressed to Mea.  First of all, she LOVES to get mail.  Most kids do.  When something comes for her, whether it’s a card, a birthday invitation, a magazine, even junk mail, and then if she happens to get a package, she gets so excited.

Inside there was a small note to myself and Mea.  June, who was Mea’s foster mom for the first thirteen months and two days of her life, had sent us some baby photos.  She said they weren’t the greatest, but that she thought that Mea and I would like to have them.

Mea was so excited to see more pictures of herself as a little baby.  We only have a few.  Those that June had given to us in a very nice album when she brought Mea home on July 22, 2007.  We have gone through those pictures many, many times, partially because Mea likes to see herself as a “little baby” and partially to make sure that she understands that June and her children loved her very much and that she was part of a wonderful family, until she came home to live with us forever.

Chubby girl!

The photos are not of the greatest quality, but that really makes no difference at all to me.  I am pretty sure that June mostly used disposable cameras, which would explain the quality a bit.  It could be worse, I could have no pictures of my girl as a baby.

Look at her tiny little puffs!

When we opened that envelope, and found such a precious gift in there I nearly cried, the tears started to pool in my eyes.  It’s very emotional for me.  I missed those first thirteen months and twelve days.  I know it couldn’t have happened any other way, I know we are lucky to have gotten an adoption placement through foster care that was a direct foster/adopt placement.  I know that we didn’t wait nearly as long as many who attempt to adopt an infant through foster care.  Many people foster for years before it’s possible for them to adopt.  Many parents may not have the type of relationship we have with June.
In many ways it is like we are in an open-adoption.  We just are open with Mea’s foster-mother, instead of her birth mother.  We have had at least a yearly visit from June and her daughter.  They live about two hours away, but they do have family who live very close to us, within a ten minute drive.  Her daughter E, is the last of June’s children at home, and she has nine kids, from age nineteen to some in their forties, all adopted via foster care adoption.  June’s daughter E really had a soft spot for Mea.  She tried to convince June to keep her until she herself was old enough to adopt her.  That just wasn’t going to happen.  She was sixteen when Mea came home to us.  June was asked if she wanted to adopt Mea.  When adopting through foster care this is usually how it works .  She really thought about it.  A few things kept her from keeping her.  Her husband had died the previous year.  She was getting older, and felt that it wouldn’t be fair to Mea to not have a Dad, and to have a much older Mom.  She loves our girl, it was an incredibly tearful, sad and happy goodbye when she left her with us.
June has told me on more than one occasion that there aren’t too many kids who she has been able to watch “grow-up” once they are reunited with their families, or were placed into an adoptive home.  Through email, and Facebook, it has made things very easy for us to stay in contact.  I am friends with both June and E on Facebook, so they get to hear all the crazy things Mea says and does, and see her silly pictures and videos that I post as well.  

Shortly before she came home...

 I also send photos to June and E.  School pictures, softball photos from this year, gymnastics photos and her yearly birthday ones as well.

I am still just so amazed at what a great friend we have in June.  We have Mea who has connected us to each other, but we have ourselves to thank for the friendship that was born, and that we continue to nourish. 

3 Comments on “Precious Gift…”

  1. Monika says:

    I have chills. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with us! ❤

  2. Jen says:

    How awesome. Just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing Kelly.

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