This weekend we ended up having an extravaganza of sleepovers.  First, on Friday, a very impromptu sleepover with Mea”s older cousin, O.  She is 12, her mom and brother were out-of-town on a college visit, and my BIL had a football game, he’s a high school coach.  She was supposed to stay over with a friend, and her friend broke her toe, and had to go to the doctor.  (Don’t let your kids run on a treadmill barefoot.  Duh.)  I was a little surprised that she couldn’t stay home while he went to the football game, but the girls had fun anyway.

Mea and O played Wii, watched movies, ate popcorn, and had lots of fun.  It was good to spend time with our niece, we don’t get to very often.

On Saturday night, the granddaughters were all coming over for a sleepover.  All three of them.  From 2, to 7 and 8.  We have done this in the past.  I did not plan this sleepover.  It was all the husband’s idea.  This usually doesn’t work out well in the end.  There is always fighting, meltdown’s, temper tantrums, and tears.

It usually starts off fine.  This time, the first meltdown was within the first hour.  The next was shortly after.  Seven and Eight are good friends.  They are only nine months apart in age, so this isn’t too surprising.  The two of them being good friends is partially what causes problems.  Seven and Eight like to go off by themselves and exclude Mea.  They tend to be mean, and shove her off, take over her room and all of her stuff, and then have been known to blame fights on Mea.

We are on to this.  It’s not fair to Mea to have all this go on.  It’s not fair for her to look forward to them coming over, just to have them be mean to her.  I was done with this behavior a long time ago.  I think this weekend, it fully became obvious to her Dad.

I put Seven in timeout in the first hour.  Then Eight was sent to timeout about an hour later.  There may have been a few little ones in between here and bedtime.  When it was bedtime, I sent Eight off to sleep in a different room.  I think I have said this before, but this Nana, she doesn’t play.

I will not have Mea feel like this in her own home.  It may be different at the other Grandparents houses.  They also don’t have a five-year old with feelings that get hurt.  They don’t have the plethora of things to play with and to get into at the other Grandparent‘s houses either.

Two was sweet, and cute, and perfectly Two.  She is a good girl.  She is getting quite a cute and silly personality, and I just love the age that she is right now.  I might also add that Two is the only one of the three that consistently calls me Nana.  I seriously cringe with every “Grandma” spoken.  I also think a grey hair pokes through my scalp each time that word is spoken.

I am pretty sure that after we finally got Mea, Two, Seven and Eight to sleep, my husband told me that we would never again have all of them on the same night again.  Seven and Eight were both ready to go home on Sunday morning.  After all the fighting continued into Sunday morning, I was counting the hours down as well.  I may have even sent some frantic text messages to their mother’s asking if they were on their way yet or not.

The Grandpa in my husband seems to forget.  He forgets about everything that has happened shortly after they all are picked up for the day.  Until the next time that he takes it upon himself to invite all of  them over for a sleep over, and after that first hour passes with screaming, crying, and pouting, and the first of several time out’s occurs.  He remembers then.

He remembers then.


3 Comments on “Sleepover…”

  1. Libby says:

    You deserve a drink. Or seven. Maybe one for each time out.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m with Libby on this one.

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