To The Left, To The Left…

Mea’s conferences with Mrs. M went very well.  I really wasn’t too surprised, I know that she is always exceptionally good especially for other people.  She saves all of her naughtiness for me.  I also have been working with her myself on so many things at home, I can tell how she is progressing.

Mrs. M could also tell that we actually do Mea’s homework with her.  Cutting out all her bazillion flashcards of sight words, letters and numbers, and practicing all of them.  She is even attempting to “read” her own books now.  The other night in the car we were running somewhere, and she was reading all the sight words she knew out of the book and spelling every other word to me. 

“Momma, it says R. U. B. Y., what’s that spell?”

“Ruby, Mea.”

“Ruby S.A.I.D., what’s that spell?”

“Said, Mea.”

“Ruby said, M. A. X., what that spell?”

“Max, Mea.”

“Ruby said “Max I want you to S. T. O. P., what’s that spell?”

Let me tell you that I am thankful that she picked up a baby board book to “read” and not one of the chapter books that I read to her.  It was a lonnnnnnggggg 10 minutes.

Mrs. M did say that Mea knows all of the current sight words, plus about five more that they haven’t learned yet in class.  Go ME!

I did talk to her about Bonnie and Connie.  She said that she had noticed some issues with the girls, but hadn’t so much been aware of the “meanness” with Mea.  She let me know that she had actually started separating them in class, and she would try to separate them a little further away from Mea.  She was thankful that I let her know about the issues, and said that she would try to be a bit more aware of the issues.  She also told me that Mea has been playing with some of the other kids, especially lately.

Mea is the “helper” in the class.  She is sent on errands.  If someone needs to go to the office or the nurse, she is the one that Mrs. M sends with them, because she knows that Mea will take them and come right back.  She helps with other things too.

Mea is a bit of a talker.  This is no surprise to me.  If Mrs. M had told me that she was quiet I would have been worried about her.  The child doesn’t shut up from the minute her eyes open in the morning until and is usually mid-sentence when she passes out at night.

Kind of reminded me of conferences with Mack’s teachers.  They would all tell me how sweet, and smart and wonderful she was, and then they would usually say something along the line of  “If she would only quit talking.”

The only thing that she seems to be having any issues with is something that is apparently just going to take some time.  This left-handed child of mine, is always writing backwards, and spelling all her words backwards, and it’s just what she does.  It is also not really something to get to concerned about.  I know that my oldest niece (also a lefty) did it.  My Mom, who is a lefty says that she even remembers doing it herself.  We just need to keep on working with her on writing the correct way, making her letters the right way and at some point she’ll get it.

Mrs. M said that she tries to do different things with Mea to “remind” her.  Including singing Beyoncé’s “To The Left” song to her and pointing to the left.  This just cracked me up, imagining 60-year-old Mrs. M singing Beyoncé to Mea.  After she told me, she said, “You know, maybe I should look up the rest of the words to the song to make sure it’s even appropriate.”  Funny.


3 Comments on “To The Left, To The Left…”

  1. Jen says:

    Funny. I’m left-handed and I did the backwards thing for a while. I actually remember this and remember not really understanding what people were saying when they said it was backwards. It all looked right to me. I don’t remember it clicking magically or anything and going away, I guess it just sort of faded away.

  2. Libby says:

    What a good teacher! I love the popular song integration! Also, I can take care of Connie and Bonnie if you want. We’ll have a little talk…

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