On My Honor, I Will Try…

If you were a Girl Scout, you probably know the rest. 

Mea is going to be joining a Daisy Troop.  The leader called me the other night, and set up a brief parents meeting for Saturday.  I think Mea should have lots of fun. 

When I was in Girl Scouts, I remember having lots of fun.  Making sit-upons, weird crafts for my parents, like those oranges with the cloves shoved in them all over, selling cookies, overnights at the mall, making friendship pins, and all kinds of other fun.  Going camping, ugh.  Okay, maybe that part wasn’t so great for me.

I’m not exactly known for my love of the outdoors.  I actually have gotten better over the years.  I’m not nearly as terrified of bugs as I was then.  I can stand to sit around a campfire without having an asthma attack.  I am not nearly as picky of an eater as I was way back then either.  It seemed that our Girl Scout leader often made us eat kind of weird food.  I remember eating some kind of weird egg, ham and cheese thing we made in a hollowed out orange over the campfire once for breakfast.  The eggs tasted like oranges.  I was not a fan, eggs should taste like eggs. 

There was one summer when I went to Girl Scout camp, on my own, I think I was about nine-years-old.  None of my friends were going to this particular camp, it was all about meeting new friends.  I had never actually slept outside before.  Ever.  When we had camped with Girl Scouts in the past, I had been in a cabin or one of the big lodges, or the couple of times that my parents took us dragged us camping we camped in a camper, they weren’t really big camping fans either.  Not the same thing at all.  The Girl Scout camp here, has special tents that are up on risers.  The canvas is not attached to the ground, or even to the bottom of the wooden risers, all kinds of bugs and such would and could get into your tent.

I was mostly good, I had a pretty good time at camp.  I liked swimming, and hiking in the woods.  I enjoyed singing songs, and making crafts.  It was a “bicycle riding” camp, and I think I nearly died on the big bicycle trip that we took, hello asthma, but after falling once or twice, and walking up a giant hill, I was even okay with that.  I don’t know how the counsellors felt about me after that, but I still managed to have fun.

The second night, we had showered, brushed teeth, and had all settled into our tents for the night.  There were four girls to a tent.  There were cots that we put our sleeping bags on.  I was really having trouble falling asleep.  I have never slept well if I am not at home.  Ever.  (I still don’t.)  So the other girls had all fallen asleep.  I kept hearing things.  I kept thinking I was hearing wild animals.  I was praying to myself that those girls hadn’t snuck any food into our tent that would attract any scary creatures into our tent.

I kept hearing this scraping, and walking around.  Then sniffing.  It kept getting closer and closer and closer to me.

I was totally freaking out in my bed.  I thought for sure something was going to come get me.  I was too terrified to move.  I was afraid if I made a noise whatever it was would jump up and bite me.  It kept getting closer and closer, then it was UNDER!  MY!  BED!  I could hear it down there! 

My clothes were under my bed!  My suitcase was down there.  I think I left it open!  I finally pulled out my flashlight, leaned over the mattress a little bit and flicked it on.

There was a baby raccoon asleep in my clothes!  In my suitcase! 

I never went to sleep that night.  I thought it would wake up and bite me.  I swear that someone told me that raccoons carried rabies.  I was terrified.  I didn’t really know what rabies was, but I had seen Cujo, and I knew that dog was MEAN! 

So, I know that Mea will have fun in Girl Scouts.  I am sure that she wouldn’t freak out even if a raccoon decided to sleep in her suitcase.  She’s much braver than I am.


6 Comments on “On My Honor, I Will Try…”

  1. Holly says:

    Omg! I remember the orange/egg/ham thing AND the bike ride up that giant hill. I had totally forgetten about both of those things!

    • Kelly says:

      We did the bicycle camp together. I am getting old. Then again, I was traumatized by the raccoon, and dying on that bicycle ride…the orange/egg/ham thing was a different camping trip, one of the weekend ones in the fall with the lodge. We also had bananas with melty chocolate and marshmallows that we made in the campfire. Remember those?

  2. 3catsandababy says:

    Awww….I want to go camping with a baby raccoon!! hehe.

    I’m glad Mea is doing Girl Scouts. I bet she will love it. I did. They do such a wide variety of things. There is a badge for anything you can think of.

    Mmm…and the cookies 🙂 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    I hope it’s a great time for Mea. I was never a Girl Scout, but it sounds like it would be fun for your brave girl.

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