Mea likes to watch The Little Couple with me.  We’ve been watching it together pretty frequently this season.  I try to watch them before she gets a chance to make sure there isn’t anything that’s too “heavy” for her little brains.

Last night, she convinced her Dad to start the episode from Tuesday night.  I hadn’t seen it yet.  You know they are undergoing the process to find a surrogate, been extracting eggs, picking surrogates, and undergoing all sorts of IVF type things.

When we were watching last night, Mea was coloring, cutting scraps of teeny tiny paper all over my floor, and I didn’t think she was paying much attention at all.  Then they started talking about babies.  That caught her attention.

Mea loves babies.  Loves them.  She was having a hard time trying to figure out how they were having a baby when Jen is so small.  When we explained that they were putting Jen’s eggs in the nice lady who would be having their baby, I could see the wheels start turning, and turning in her little brain.

“She has eggs? Momma, she has eggs, INSIDE of her body?”

“Mea, all women have eggs inside of them.  They are teeny tiny eggs.  They grow into babies.”

“I have eggs, INSIDE of ME?”

“Momma, where are my eggs, at?”  (Starts poking her belly, chest legs all over…)

At this point, I’m secretly cursing my husband for starting the show.  Then I explain to her that’s how women have babies.  From the eggs.  That she has them, they are inside of her, but they are nowhere near ready for baby making.  Not until she’s 35 and married, at least.

Shortly after that she started going around doing this crazy frog walk all over the living room.  I finally had to ask what this crazy walk was all about.

“Mea, what are you doing?”

“I think I’m laying my eggs, Momma.” 

Oh, this girl…




2 Comments on “Eggs…”

  1. Jen says:

    ROFL!!! Love the thought process there. That’s fantastic.

  2. Libby says:

    I love the way kids think… And I love she was trying to figure out where they are in her body.

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