My Dad will be officially, retired in a few weeks.  The news was kind of a shock to my parents, although they had been making some plans for his future retirement anyway.

He has worked for the same company since he was twenty-two years old.  That is forty-eight years.  A long, long time.  In 2006, his employer sold their business to another company, and he moved along with them.  Unfortunately, it took him out-of-town, with a 45 minute drive.  However, the “new” company paid him better, and treated him better than the old one ever had.

My Dad is a transmission mechanic.  Specifically a builder.  He is really good at what he does, and can do all kinds of other things.  He’ll keep doing this on the side from home, even after the whole “retirement.”

The shop where he has been working just hasn’t been busy enough, and are closing just this particular location.  My Mom was freaking out all week last week.  She actually told my sister and I both that she thought that if he was home alone all the time, he would die. 

There is a nine-year age difference between my parents.  So where he’s 70, she’s only 61, and not really to the point where she can/will retire.  It makes me think of what in the world my husband and I are going to do with a fifteen year age difference.

We think we have found my Dad a part-time job as a driver for an auto parts store.  I think he will like it.  He should find out this week if he get’s the job.  He was pretty nervous about the whole interview, applying for a job process.  I don’t blame him, his last interview was in 1963.

I told my Mom that if the job doesn’t work out, he can start watching Mea.  If anything will keep him on his toes she would.


One Comment on “Retired.”

  1. Jen says:

    It took my Dad about a year to come to terms with retirement. He took up wood working. That helped a lot. My Mom took to retirement like a fish in water, my Dad didn’t. He needs stuff to do.

    P.S., how did I get this far behind on posting replies to your blog?

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