Hair Gel

So we had our time of having a little Bieber Fever in the Monkeysoup household.  Mea still likes the Bieb’s but has opened up to some other new favorites. 

Currently her favorite is Katy Perry.  She has been singing the “Hot n Cold” off and on for a year now.  She really likes saying “Your hot n your cold, your yes and your no.” I am pretty sure these are about the only words she remembers in the song.  As I hear this line a lot.

So my dear husband, is always searching around for concerts or interviews with Mea’s favorite entertainer of the week on TV.  Last week, he found a half hour concert of Katy Perry, and recorded it for her. 

I am pretty sure, I have mentioned on here somewhere, that typically I fast-forward through commercials when Mea is watching recorded TV.  It cuts down on the “I want thats” and other such stuff.

So the other night, she starts watching her Katy Perry concert while I am making dinner.  I am in and out of the living room, she’s dancing around and singing.  I am in the kitchen, and she calls bellows for me to “come here.”

She had paused her show.

She wanted me to watch this commercial with her.

“Momma, what did they get in the mail that blew their hair like that?”

“Hair gel, Mea.  Very fancy hair gel.”


One Comment on “Hair Gel”

  1. Jen says:

    Actual guffaw just happened. Hah!

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