The Cat Came Back…

Shortly after school started this year, Mack decided to take Olive (our last cat) up to school with her to live in Yellow State City with her and the roommates.  I was fine with it, she was Mack’s cat after all.  No more cat litter boxes, only one kind of pet food to buy, only one water bowl to make sure to fill up, one less pet to shed on everything, and most importantly, no more disgusting hair balls to clean up for me, a win-win situation.

 Mack called me in a bit of a panic yesterday afternoon.  Although she was planning on coming home for her week off from school, she had forgotten about Olive.  Could she bring her home?  Was there any other choice?  Not really.  Both roommates will also be out-of-town.  Yellow State City is a 45 minute drive, and Mack’s car has 300k miles on it, she cannot drive back and forth multiple times in the week.

So Olive is back home with us for the week, and I am assuming that she will be back for winter break as well, so part of December and January.

But the cat came back, she couldn’t stay no long-er,
Yes the cat came back de very next day,
the cat came back—thought she were a goner,
But the cat came back for it wouldn’t stay away.

She has been chased by puppies.  She pooped in the cat carrier on the forty-five minute drive between here and Yellow State City.  So she had to have a bath. 

She is back to hiding in the basement.


2 Comments on “The Cat Came Back…”

  1. Libby says:

    Oh, cats. How I love and hate them. Good luck with your week…

  2. Jen says:

    Ahh, cats. I love them in theory, but in reality I’m so allergic to cats that I break out in hives every single time I visit my parents. Even though they vacuum just for me. If I hug my mom when they come visit me, I can tell where I came in contact with the cat hair on her clothes. The first few years with P were tough as he had two cats at the time. I honestly thought they would be the end of us seeing each other, I could never stay at his place, etc, etc. Glad you get to have some Mack visiting time.

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