Mea’s List…

So on Sunday, Mea decided that she needed to make a list for Santa.  She was pestering her Dad about helping her, and when he wasn’t fast enough she took things into her own hands.  The problem?  It’s a bit um, hard to decipher.  Let’s try shall we?

Mea’s list, page 1.

 I am clearly having some technical issues, I can’t get the photo to rotate.  So please lean your head over to the left, and we’ll go through her list.

  • I want Coraline Movie.
  • I want Transformers Movie.
  • I want cat.
  • I want Wii games.
  • I want… (Momma has no idea what this last thing is.)

Now, can you see it?  I can, but then again, I made her “read” this to me.  This is what it is like trying to decipher a Kindergartener’s spelling.

List Part 2

 Again, tip your head to the left, and let’s see what else is on Mea’s list.

  • I want to go to First Grade.
  • I want to have make up.

My sister suggested getting her a First Grade workbook.  I do think I will do this.

This girl, is just something else.  She just cannot drop the make-up thing.  I am sure that Santa will break down and get her some sort of make-up. 

She has been asking for the movie Coraline since her birthday, so that is going to be a must have as well. 

I gave her a big fat “NO!!!” to cats.  Told her that Santa doesn’t bring pets to little kids, since it isn’t nice to the parents.  Hopefully none of her friends get a pet for Christmas, or I am going to get schooled.

Although, it’s not on this list, she wants glasses.  She is completely obsessed with wearing mine all the time.  Since I am nearly blind, this has to be hard on her eyeballs.  I have since popped the lenses out of the pair that she wears, and she wears them all the time.  I think I can get her a pair at Claires that just have clear lenses in them.  I’m thinking these might be good for her stocking.

That is all for Mea’s list for now.

On to being thankful.  I am ever so thankful for my girls.  They are both so special to me, I just don’t know what I would do without them.


One Comment on “Mea’s List…”

  1. Jen says:

    Good job translating Momma!

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