Melt Down…

Thanksgiving festivities were fun, and drama free yesterday. I would have to say that dinner at my Mom’s was by far better, but then again I was so full by the time we went to my brother-in-law’s house I didn’t eat much.

Mea stayed the night with my BIL, and family. Originally, I had asked my niece O to come stay with us, but they opted for Mea to stay there instead. Mack was going out shopping at midnight, so she didn’t want to watch Mea for my shopping expedition with my sister this morning. This worked, I was still able to shop.

Now, I didn’t get to shop Black Friday sales for years and years because I was always working that day. I boycotted working and shopping the first three years after I got out of retail. I didn’t want to go anywhere near a mall. Then one year I went out with my sister, Mom and my Aunt. We had fun. Shopped, ate breakfast, drank coffee.

It started a bit of a tradition. My Aunt had always come here for Thanksgiving until the year she got sick, so we went out together for about three years. The year we went to her house for Thanksgiving, my sister and I went shopping together in Illinois. We have gone every year since.

The following year Mea was home, and we started a tradition of buying gifts for the younger cousins that match, they come from Santa. It’s cute.

We shopped from six until 9:30, amazingly the crowds were all but gone by the time we got there. I suppose that is a bonus of the malls opening at midnight. Close parking, and no crowds.

I ran home, stowed away my stash of gifts, took a quick shower, and headed off to pick up my shortie.

She was fine for the first hour, and then the cranky melt downs started. I am thinking someone didn’t quite get her allotted amount of sleep for the night. Good thing I don’t have anywhere else to go today.

Anyone else brave the crowds today?


One Comment on “Melt Down…”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh no. I most certainly did not. But then, I never like to shop. 😉

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