Facebook Zombies…

You all are so good to me.  I’m trying not to get all sappy.

At some point soon, I should have a cheesy happy post, but I don’t think that today is the day.  Last night, my husband sent oldest daughter a message, telling her to quit lying about us on FB, and that if she wants to talk to him like an adult she can call him.

This morning, after being so frustrated with the entire thing, he deleted his own FB account.  I can’t say that I haven’t thought about it.  Although, it can be fun, in our experiences it is also clearly a place where the crazies can come after you. 

Facebook Zombies.  They eat your brains.

Neither of us had thought about this until this morning, but since his daughter set up our by far too young granddaughter, on FB, she can read all of these horrible things that her own mother has said about us.  How is this even right?  She is eight.  Even if I am annoyed with my Mom, I would never let on to Mea that I was, she is her Nana.  If my Mom (or any other family member for that matter) and I have a difference of opinion that is between us, my kid should have no part of it at all whatsoever.  I did report to Facebook that she was underage, they haven’t shut down her profile yet, but I read something online yesterday that said they close 20,000 accounts a day, that were opened for kids under the age of thirteen.  That is just insane.

 This morning, I realized that oldest daughter deleted me as a friend on FB.  I honestly could care less.  After the “nastygram” on Sunday, I had hidden her feed from my view anyway.  I won’t be missing anything.

About an hour ago, my husband receives a text message from her asking if Mea is still coming to K’s birthday party.  He hasn’t responded, I don’t really think either of us know for sure what to do.  In some ways, it is mean to K for Mea not to be there.  In other ways, it might prove a point that we are done with the oldest daughters silly bullshit.

This decision is up to my husband.  I can tell you that I flat-out refuse to go.  I will not subject myself to this situation, going to these family parties has always been über uncomfortable for me, and since I am sure that somehow the entire thing is my “fault,” it will be worse than usual.

My husband did come to a couple of realizations last night, while talking with me about it.  He has never gotten a Father’s Day card, Birthday Card, or a Christmas gift from any of the older three girls.  Never.  I haven’t either, for that matter.  Almost every year, with the exception of the last two years, I have sent them all a text reminding them that it is their Dad’s birthday.  Two years ago, I quit doing it.  None of them, with the exception of Mack, even called him this year on his birthday.  Mea has received a few birthday gifts, but has not ever been given a gift at Christmas time, and Mack hasn’t ever either.  One year Mack painted each of them a painting, and worked really hard on them to match their various homes, and it took one of them a year to hang it up.  Her feelings were really hurt.

Now, when their birthdays roll around, they will show up at our house first thing to get their card, since they know it will have money in it.  Sometimes, without so much as a thank you.  Same thing goes for Christmas.  When it’s time to do our get together for that, everyone is really excited to come and get their gifts.  They always come empty-handed.  Don’t even call to see if they can bring anything to help with the meal, or anything.  Just all things that I would never even consider doing to my family.

They have a five-year old sister that they have never made time for.  If Mea has spent any one on one time with any of them, it has because I had to ask one of them to babysit for me.  On Saturday mornings, and this is it.  No sleepovers.  No playdates.  No nothing.  I hadn’t ever said anything to my husband about this, but it has always bothered me.  I know that our relationships dramatically improved with Mea being around, but this has always hurt me quite a bit that they haven’t made more of an effort to spend time with her.

 It’s obvious that Facebook Zombies eat brains.  All the trouble that I have with the crazy Facebook Zombies is about enough to make me want to shut that shit down.  I’ll still have Twitter right?  Besides, none of those Zombies know my Twitter handle, I can talk about them all that I want to.  🙂


3 Comments on “Facebook Zombies…”

  1. 3catsandababy says:

    Wow. Just….wow.

    I am so sorry.

    You should unfriend all the mean FB zombies. I would be your FB friend anyday 🙂 🙂

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