When Santa visited our House…

During Christmases 1996-2001, Mack would have a visit from Santa Claus at our home at some time during the evening of Christmas Eve. 

From the standpoint of my daughter, this was the coolest thing ever.  The first two especially since she was four and five years old, she really thought that it was the jolly old dude.

Now, “Santa” is my friend Kathy’s brother, Vince or cousin, Louie.  They switch off every other year, taking turns.  The off years the other one is the main “Elf” although that person doesn’t dress up as anything, they are specifically Santa’s designated driver.  There are a couple of other “elfs” that tag along for the ride.  Mainly due to the fact that these guys drive Santa around doing shots of Anisthe at every house they arrive to.  In Kathy’s family, its great fun dressing up as the Drunken Santa, or being one of his minions.

Depending on where you were on the line up, Santa could be sober, tipsy, or flat-out hammered.

Keep in mind that I was working in retail all those years ago.  Santa starts his visits in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.  They had to wait for me to get off of work, and get Mack fed some dinner, and dressed in her Christmas jammies.  My house was always dead last in the line up.  For a couple of reasons.  First, I was at work when they started.  Second, I lived next door to Kathy’s mom and grandmother, one on either side of me, so it made some sense for our house to be last, they always finished up at either Gram’s house or Kathy’s mom’s.

So when Santa would arrive at our house to see Mack, he was typically hammered.  Smashed.  Completely wasted.  He would usually pull off the act of giving her gift (left on the back porch by me), telling her to go to bed and stay in bed, tell her not to forget his cookies and milk, and she was none the wiser.  Especially in those early years.

Then the years that Kathy’s cousin Louie was Santa, there was some serious drunken Santa flirting.  Santa Louie had a bit of a crush on me, however, I did not have a crush on Santa Louie.  To say that “Santa” took advantage of being “Santa” would be an understatement.  Would make me sit on his lap.  Would give me a Christmas kiss on the cheek, or God help me on my lips, if I had been a really “good” girl. 

To a point, “Santa” did mind his manners.  I mean, he was there for my KID.  He did have a tendency to take advantage of being Santa.

Now, the last year that Santa came to our house, Robin and I were together.  We were engaged, we were in full swing wedding prep, and it was our first Christmas together.  It happened to fall on a Santa Louie year.

Let’s just say that it didn’t go over well, and that was the last year that Santa came to call.

I have been thinking of seeing if they could make a stop at our house to visit Mea this year.  I am just worried it could be a Santa Louie year, and that is still all kinds of awkward, even almost twelve years later.


2 Comments on “When Santa visited our House…”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my. Just, Oh my…at the thought of trying to keep it together for Mack with Drunk Santa Louie.

  2. Libby says:

    And to think, you could have been Mrs. Drunken Santa. Just like my Aunt. No, not kidding.

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