Demon Dogs

The doggies have decided to become naughty. 

They clearly do not want Santa Paws to come visit them this year.

This weekend they did the following…

  • One of them pooped on the bathroom floor.
  • One of them drank too fast and threw up slimy water on my couch.
  • One of them may have shredded the towel that was in his kennel.
  • One of them chewed the fingers off of a plastic baby doll.
  • One of them peed on my bed.  Through the quilt, sheets and mattress pad.
  • One of them has started hoarding stolen items in his kennel, I found a purse of Mea’s, a crayon, a mega block, the lid to a marker, and something else that I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.
  • One of them chewed through his collar.

    "We will bite Santa Paws!"

Look at their little demon eyes!  Look how naughty they look!  No treats or toys for naughty, naughty little doggies!  No sirree!


One Comment on “Demon Dogs”

  1. Jen says:

    No Santa Paws? Ruh Roh.

I like thoughtful comments!

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