Three Days with Mea

I actually, finally had a weekend off this weekend.  Thanks to my future assistant manager coming to cover my office for me, I was able to take the long weekend for a change.

Mea and I really didn’t have any plans.  We just knew that Daddy was going to be working, and we would be hanging out.  Saturday morning, I had a haircut.  First one in since September.  I may have gotten berated a little by my stylist for taking the scissors into my own hands.  Those bangs had to be cut, I was way past my eyeballs, couldn’t see, and I am getting too old to put a barrett in my bangs. 

Then we went to Target.  Oh, Target, how I love and hate thee at the same time.  I can always find way too much crap with in your red walls, and always spend too much money.  We bought “Girl Legos,” new shampoo and conditioner for me (smells like lemon Pledge), and miscellaneous other stuff.  I don’t even know what else.

We came home, and Mea played with her Lego’s quietly for at least an hour and a half.  I was able to do the dishes, read my book for a while, and prep everything for homemade pizza night with no help.  That is so worth $20.

We had made plans to go out on Monday to Build A Bear.  I had a coupon, thought it would be a good fun thing for us to do on the holiday together.  Sunday came, and Mea was making me mental about going.  I finally was bullied into persuaded to go on Sunday.  (I am actually glad now that I lost this battle.)  We builded our bear, Abby, did our weekly grocery shopping, came home to do laundry and all that other fun stuff.

We ate supper, watched a movie, and went to bed.

I woke up to Mea crawling into bed with me. 

I then woke to Mea throwing up on me.

I then had the pleasure of sleeping in her bed with her (can we say uncomfortable?), and waking up every so often to watch her vomit.  It was great fun.  A couple of plusses in the whole Vomit Fest 2012, my husband knows how weak my stomach is, and did not even hesitate to take care of the mess.  This is a good thing for many reasons.  I would have surely ended up in worse shape than Mea is, and I would have killed him if he hadn’t.

For the most part yesterday was spent watching Mea sleep.  She slept almost the entire day.  Ate a few saltines, finally ate a few spoonfuls of chicken noodle soup.  I did get the laundry finished, including my new, not planned laundry, and I did make my Mom her birthday cake.  Belatedly.

Last Wednesday was my Mom’s birthday.  We celebrated with breakfast last Sunday the 8th.  I am the only one who makes Mom’s birthday cake, and it is a time-consuming one, so I didn’t make it for birthday breakfast.  I actually have been a very bad daughter and haven’t made it for a couple of years.  I do remember the “reminder” I got last year around February that I hadn’t made it in a long time. 

My Mom’s cake is a Spiced Raisin Cake, that my Nana used to make.  Several years after my Nana had died, I made it, and was dubbed “the only one who can make that cake.”  I was even given the pan.  Yes, it has it’s own special cake pan.  I didn’t use it yesterday, I made her cake into an 8×8 cake, and 18 cupcakes.  Did I mention that it makes enough to feed a small army?  So I was able to make a cake delivery to my Mom’s work in the afternoon when my husband came home for a bit.  She was thrilled. 

I had kind of forgotten how tasty it is.  An old school depression recipe, but pretty tasty.

I think that’s about it.  Target is my friend and enemy, Lego’s are good to Mea, Build A Bear is fun, barfing is stupid, and Spiced Raisin cake is yummy, although quite time consuming.



4 Comments on “Three Days with Mea”

  1. Heather says:

    So glad Mea is feeling better now!

  2. Caryn says:

    Awh, poor Mea, and poor mama! I don’t look forward to those days, yet the snuggles will be loved.

    And Target…DON’T get me started! I went yesterday, and even the check out gal commented on how random my purchase was. LOL!

  3. Jen says:

    Poor Mea!! I sometimes feel like I live in Target. I might take up a part time job there just for the discount.

    I hope Mea is on the mend soon. I hope you survive it all as well my friend.

  4. Libby says:

    Love target, hate throw up. Also, next time get someone else to make the cake and don’t tell your Mom until after. Then you won’t have to do it every year.

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