Let’s Discuss Something…

Last week when I was home with Mea on Monday, she slept through most of the day.  I did some housework, fooled around on Twitter and Facebook, tried my best to keep our noisy pups quiet, and basically didn’t do much.

My husband ended up working a split shift that day.  He worked until 2, came home for a bit, and then left at about 5 to head back to work.  Right around the time that he left, Mea started to actually wake up.  I fed her some chicken noodle soup, she ate a few crackers, and we settled in to watch Monday night TV.

Usually, most actual shows that I watch, I DVR them and watch later.  At any given time when the shows I actually enjoy are on, my girl is watching on cartoons, or PBS kids on TV or there is some sort of sports or cooking show if my husband has the remote.  I usually read.

Nevertheless, Mea and I tuned in to CBS monday night line-up.  As we are watching How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, and Mike and Molly, I just sat there in disbelief.  Although I have seen all of these shows many times, I was actually watching them with my five-year-old. 

I can’t believe how vulgar some of them can be.  I am no prude, but these shows are supposed to be worthy of families watching them?  There are so many references to sex, drugs, and other things, I just can’t really believe it.  I’m sure that all these things were there before when I was watching the shows while Mea was sleeping and I just hadn’t noticed.  When someone made a reference to waxing themselves, my daughter asked the question. 

Where is she putting that hot wax, Momma?”

What is that lady smoking, Momma?”

Any show that has someone smoking a cigarette is tabu, but they can smoke pot?  Really?

I made something up and changed the channel.

Why aren’t shows more like the Cosby Show, or any of the other family shows we watched when we were kids?

Looks like I am going to be stuck watching Nick Jr, and DVD’s for a while longer.  My five-year old doesn’t need to be exposed to waxed vaginas and pot.


3 Comments on “Let’s Discuss Something…”

  1. 3catsandababy says:

    That’s true. Those shows are not at all kid approriate. I watch them all, but looking at it from a mother’s perspective, they are pretty bad. I am having a hard time thinking of sitcoms that would be okay. Like Full House and The Cosby Show were. I really wish there was a show on now of the same quality as The Cosby Show. Maybe I’ll just buy the DVDs and tell Jayden that’s what’s on TV…..

  2. Denver Laura says:

    Yeah, I was watching one of the kid ones with 2 twin boys and they were saying really harassing things to one of the older girls. I told my husband about it (who stays at home so watches it more often) and he said it was a running joke with those boys in that show. So I banned it from our house. I don’t need boys in my house growing up to treat women like that and I don’t want my daughter to put up with that type of harassment.

    We don’t have cable and I think my daughter has seen a total of an hour of tv since she moved in with us.

  3. Jen says:

    Oh this is so true. I tried watching a movie a few weeks ago. It was billed as a love story, and it was rated as PG. E had been upstairs playing and doing artwork when I got started. She came down about halfway into the movie, but was mostly playing and casually aware of the movie. It had been primarily dialogue, so I wasn’t all that concerned. Imagine my horror when they showed the main female character on a bike suddenly get hit by a tractor trailor and die? It made both me and P gasp and happened too quickly and unexpectedly for me to even know to shield E from it.

    I have been dealing with questions about bike safety, death and trucks for weeks now.

    I’ll stick to my Pixar and DVR’d stuff that I know all about in advance for a while still.

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