New Room

We have promised Mea that sometime this Spring we are going to redo her room.  Her room has been the same since she came home, and technically it was originally pulled together to house up to two foster children.

We are getting rid of the bunk bed, we are going to buy her a new bed, dresser, and a night stand.  She wants a PINK room.  This is the only request she has made, loud and clear.

Currently the room is a purpley blue color.  The comforters and curtains are white, with pink, purple, blue and green polka dots.  It is pretty generic.  By the time that we started painting and decorating this room we had changed our minds from wanting to adopt a boy, to going with what we know and sticking with girls.  Because we were licensed for two children, this is why we went with the bunk bed originally.  I think it’s possible that Mea may sleep better without the top bunk over her.  I am going to miss the storage space for all her millions of stuffed animals.

So, besides the pink I am at a loss.  I would rather not get too “themey” but I would like to decorate her room in a way that could grow up with her a little.  I found these really cute hula hoop rugs that you can make with t-shirts and a hula hoop.  I am thinking I will make a couple of them, I think they will look really cute on the hardwood floors.  It seems so easy.  We’ll shall see. 

How about it?  Any great ideas?  Something cute and cheap that I can do in there?  Anybody seen any cute girly pink bedding sets with curtains?

Hopefully this venture into redoing Mea’s room will lead to the rest of the house too.  I really want to repaint my living room and kitchen, but I just haven’t had the motivation to do it.  The kitchen especially.  I painted the ceiling cranberry, eight years ago.  It was a bitch.  The thought of priming and painting that ceiling again makes my arms ache just thinking about it.  Maybe I can convince my husband that we can hire some painters.  Let’s hope for this as an option.


2 Comments on “New Room”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m so luck here. I pick out fabric that I like and patterns and hand off to my mom and she sews it all up. For E, her room is pink and green. I put a chair rail up and it’s pink on top and green under. Curtains and bed are complementary (but not matching) patterns. Curtains are green/white, bedding is pink/white. She has a bunk bed, but only the bottom half. We just never put the top half on it. I do want to do a rug, I might look at those. 🙂

  2. Libby says:

    I could no more make one of those hula hoop rugs than pull off cold fusion.

    And you need to just embrace the pink. I am. It’s killing me, but I am.

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