Doggie Daycare

About a year and a half ago, my sister and I bought my Mom a new beagle puppy.  I would say we bought it for my parents, but really it was for my Mom.  They have had a beagle since my first birthday when my uncle bought one for my birthday present.  Initially, my Mom was not amused, but she loved Blossom in the end, and was quite sad when she died.

They have had a beagle ever since, there have also been a few beagle mixes, before designer dogs were the rage they had a beagle/poodle mix and a beagle/shitzu mix.  All girls, all flower names.  Blossom, Lily, Iris, Rosie, Jasmine, Glory and now Poppy.

My Mom loves this dog.  I seriously think she may be a little bit obsessed with her.

Poppy is spoiled rotten.  She gets new toys weekly, she gets new collars, new treats, etc.  I think the dog has more toys than my kid.

My Mom takes Poppy to work with her.  Now, she does work for our veterinarian, so it’s not like she’s taking her to the “office” but she does go to work with my Mom a few times a week to go to daycare.  There are two other dogs at home that just stay home, and my Dad is now retired, and is at home as well.

Although, my Mom works for the veterinarian, she still has to pay for daycare services.  Even with her employee discount my Mom pays more for doggie daycare per day then I pay for Mea to go to real life kid daycare.  I shit you not.

Doggie Daycare, Birthday Bash...

They have made paintings with actual paint and canvas, they have birthday parties, in the summer they would have doggie ice cream socials, today at a birthday party they dressed the birthday dog up in a swimming suit and had a beach bash, they are so silly.  Really.

I love my boys, but I wouldn’t pay for them to go to daycare, not even if they “had fun, and played with their friends.”


5 Comments on “Doggie Daycare”

  1. Holly says:

    I absolutely adore your mom, you know this. But she’s nuts! That’s alot of money and weirdness all wrapped up under the disguise of “I just love my dog!!!” However, I have noticed that as our parents get older they each pick something to fixate on and spend their money on. Your mom’s choice happens to be Poppy, my dad’s is golf, my mom’s (at the moment) is camping, Mike’s is also golf, and hopefully Nancy’s involves her drinking bleach at regular intervals (we can only hope). Whatever floats their boat, right?

    • Kelly says:

      I had no idea that your mom was a camper! (Although, I can kind of see it.)

      I have been giggling for the last ten minutes over the thought of Nancy drinking bleach. I can see that there is still so much love between all of you. 🙂

      • Holly says:

        Her and Mike bought a camper AND a new pickup truck to tow said camper. They only got to go camping in it a couple of times before the cold weather kicked in. But they have delusions, I mean dreams, of taking their grandkids camping all the time and retiring at a KOA some place warm.

  2. Jen says:

    This is cute. I wouldn’t be doing it, but it is cute.

  3. Libby says:

    My Mom never let us had a dog. Then we when all left she got three of them. Crazy. Not dog birthday party crazy, but still…

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