Don’t Touch Me!

I have had a great weekend.  (Insert loads of sarcasm here.)

Friday morning, Mea woke up and said she had a sore throat.  She didn’t have a fever or any other symptoms, so I sent her to school.  (Yes, I was that Mom.)  I did tell her that if it still hurt to go to the nurses office.  I didn’t hear anything all day, so assumed she was fine.

I picked her up from daycare, and she was fine.  Until we got into the car.  Once in the car she was in full meltdown mode, crying and carrying on about how her throat hurt.  We got home, took her temperature again, and it was still normal.  We were going out for dinner, so the deal we struck was that if it still hurt when we were done we would go to the clinic.

We ended up at the clinic.  I suppose it was a good thing, because she had a sinus infection.  Z-pack prescribed.

Woke up Saturday morning, started getting ready for a trip up to Yellow State City to visit Mack and take her to lunch, and Mea starts complaining of it hurting when she peed.  I thought maybe she was being dramatic, or that it was something from the Z-pack causing it.  We went on with our trip, had a nice lunch, visited Mack’s new work at the Cold Stone Creamery, got some milk shakes to go, and headed home.

When we got back to town we picked up our Girl Scout cookies, delivered a few of our orders, and then came back home.  She again started to complain about her bottom, and peeing.  By this time the clinics are closed, so I bought some cranberry juice, and tried to make her comfortable.

Woke up this morning, got dressed, go back to the clinic, and after I was finally able to get her to pee, she did in fact have a UTI.  Now, we need to finish the z-pack for her sinuses, and start the other medication for this new development.

We were almost out of toilet paper at home, so we made a quick stop at Target.  I did tell Mea that she could get something.  Within reason.  That I had the final say on what we were getting.  She is usually fine with this.  After getting our TP, and wandering the toy aisles several times, I had thought we had decided on a toy.  We are walking out of the toy area, and she says, “I never get what I want.”

She should know better.

I took the toy from her hands, set it on the closest shelf, and steered her towards the front of the store so we could check out.

She has started this new thing when she is in trouble, where she screams, “Don’t touch me!”

Until today, she hadn’t said it anywhere but at home.  Added a new dimension to this particular temper tantrum.  She acts like she is beaten on a daily basis or something.  So when I couldn’t get her to walk, I would give her a little shove in the correct direction.  Then she would scream it at me again.  Sometimes adding, “I just want my Daddy!”

I seriously think there were a few people considering calling the authorities.  Then again, if I would have seen this, maybe I would have thought it as well.

I know that there was a woman staring at me, and at Mea, as if she were being kidnapped or something.  While I was trying to pay, Mea was standing behind me, still in the store.  I could see her, I knew she was fine, this same woman stopped to talk to her like she was lost or something.  She was crying, so I suppose she may have looked like a little lost girl, instead of a little spoiled brat girl that she was actually being.

So now, we are home, she is all cried out, and taking a nap.

Do you think anything of this new “Don’t touch me!” phase?

I don’t quite know what to think.




2 Comments on “Don’t Touch Me!”

  1. Libby says:

    “Don’t touch me?” You are making me very happy I am just dealing with “I hate you.”

  2. Jen says:

    Yikes, that’s a miserable tantrum. I wish I had something to offer, but I really don’t. Since she was getting sick, it might have spurned it, but man… that’s just awful to cope with. ((hugs))

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