I jinxed poor Sam Puckett.

Last week I posted about her, and yesterday I had to bury her at sea.

I honestly think it’s my husband’s fault.  He decided to change all of her water, not just part of it.  He also changed her rocks which can mess with fishes.  He may or may not have added too much chlorine remover into her water. 

Since he took it upon himself to go get a new tank, and a new fish on Saturday, I think he is in a small way admitting guilt.  We could tell it was coming.  I was just the (un)lucky one to have to deal with the burial.

I am also a horrible mother, because I flushed her when Mea wasn’t paying attention.  She didn’t notice until this morning that “her Sammie” wasn’t “swimming” in her water anymore. 

On the way to school this morning I was lucky enough to have a death talk, where I assured Mea that Sam is in fishy heaven, and that she is happier there then in her little aquarium on Mea’s desk.  I would be happier too if the people who were supposed to take care of me had killed me instead.

So friends, how was your weekend?  Did you have sick kids, sick dogs, and kill your kids fish? 

You win.



2 Comments on “Jinxed.”

  1. Libby says:

    Sam Puckett lived as she died — in water. Maybe you can start a memorial fund.

  2. Jen says:

    RIP Sam Pucket. Sorry your weekend was sucky, Kelly.

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