Yesterday afternoon, we had Mea’s parent teacher conferences.  It is always good to have a little visit with Mrs. M, and to see how my girl is doing in school.

Things that didn’t surprise me.

  • Mea continues to be a bit of a social butterfly.  She is friends with everyone.  She also may talk to much.  ( So not surprised at this one.)
  • Mea is in the highest reading group, and has already surpassed most of the kids in that particular group.  She is reading past the first grade reading level at this point.
  • Mea is Mrs. M’s “helper.”  If someone needs to go to the nurse, she takes them.  If Mrs. M needs something picked up from the office, Mea is the one elected to go.  Apparently, when Mrs. M asks her to do something, she does it, and comes right back.  (I am wishing for this magical skill.   How does Mrs. M do it?)
Pleasant surprise.
  • Her number recognition, adding and subtracting are really good.  Really.  I have been a  bad Momma, and haven’t really been working on this as much as I should have been.  So knowing that she is on target, or over target for her age group was refreshing.  Need to add this to my “work on at home” list.

I guess that was about it.  It is always nice to hear how your child is doing in school.  It is especially nice when they are doing well.

Mea’s conferences have given me flashbacks to Mack’s where nearly always her teachers would say how sweet, nice and polite my daughter was, typically followed by, “She talks too much.”

They clearly have gotten this talking trait from their father, the original social butterfly.


2 Comments on “Conferences”

  1. Libby says:

    Mea is smart and talks too much? NOOOOOOO…. What a great kid.

  2. Jen says:

    So awesome to hear such wonderful things!! I know it’s wonderful when I hear nice stuff about E.

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