Black Girls

The other day, I had a friend post something on Facebook that has been grating on me since I read it.

This is what she said…

OK FB friends…I’d like lots of input here! My cousin went to a presentation for black history month called “Black Girls”. The speaker (who is a black woman) stated that black girls are inferior to white girls. Since my girls are bi-racial (their dad is black), she asked me if I think my girls ever feel inferior. I said no, they have friends of all races and ethnic backgrounds…they see friends, not colors. The speaker also showed a video of little girls picking which baby dolls to play with, and all of the girls picked the white baby doll over the black one. Again, my girls have white dolls, black dolls, hispanic dolls…makes no difference to them. So what’s everyone’s thoughts? Agree or disagree with these findings? Please tell me what you think!!

I was pretty appalled that this was even something that would be said/talked about anymore.  I know that in my personal experience, my goal has always been to raise all of my daughters (the biracial, white and black daughters that I have) to grow up to be strong independent women.  So far, I think I can say that I have been successful at this.  All of my girls have friends of all races, various religious backgrounds, friends that are GLBT, they look at people as people, not at what color they are, what their sexual preference is, or what God they pray too.

It makes me wonder how old the presenter was.  It makes me wonder where she got some of her information from.

Mea has dolls of every color.  She goes back and forth.  Some are brown, some are white, some are Hispanic looking.  She honestly has no preference, and I don’t ever push her one way or the other.  Now, before she had an opinion, I did typically buy her brown babies.  I felt that it was important for her to have some dolls that looked like her.  The thing is, now that she picks her own, I don’t think what she picks has anything to do with what color they are.  It has more to do with what the “baby” does, or what color her outfit is, than what color the baby’s skin color is.

Mea’s friends are also children of all races, I have talked in the past about how Mack’s always were as well.

I think that there are some people who are so caught up in the past, that they can’t see through to the future.  Maybe depending on how old she is, she did feel inferior when she was growing up, but how can she just assume that all black girls feel this way now?

So what do you think friends?  Do black girls think they are inferior?  Where do you think this woman was coming from?



2 Comments on “Black Girls”

  1. Libby says:

    Meg wants a blonde doll with blue eyes. I see nothing wrong with this. It can live with her other dolls that are every shade under the rainbow that never get played with because Meg doesn’t really like dolls…

  2. Jen says:

    I try hard to teach E not to see people as good/bad/whatever based on appearance, but on person they are. I don’t get why some are still trying to teach difference instead of teaching similarity. People are different and the same.

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