Mea is obsessed with music.

Mack gave her an old I-Pod shuffle, after she got her I-Pod touch, and as a motivator for throwing her nuggies away a year and a half ago.

It has been lost many times.

It resurfaces, like many other objects in our home in some of the strangest of places, but has always resurfaced.

We have gone through probably somewhere around 15 pairs of various headphones.

Some little kid ones, some ear buds, some old DJ one’s of her Dad’s, every style and size.  They all end up wrecked, so my vote is for whatever is cheapest.

When Mea is in mid obsession with the I-Pod, she can be quite annoying.  She sings along whether she knows the words or not.  She sings along, in tune or not.  It is only a little annoying, but mostly hysterical.

She also has a lovely habit of having the volume up too loud, and screaming everything she says to you like you are the one with a hearing problem.

She must have had something tasty on her fingers, Franklyn looks like he was about to lick her skin off.


One Comment on “Singalong…”

  1. Jen says:

    Whoa. Franklyn really looks like he’s enjoying that.

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