On Monday, my Dad went to the doctor because he has been having some trembling in one of his hands.

I talked to my Mom on Monday afternoon, and at that time, she seemed fine.

My sister sent me a text yesterday morning warning me that my Mom was acting like a lunatic.  Crying, threatening to cancel their trip to Hawaii, pulling out all the drama.

She does this sometimes, and (sigh) I have been known to do this, too.  I think that she may have been “Dr. Googling” on Monday night, after she got home from work.  Apparently she didn’t sleep well Monday night, and lack of sleep affects our Mom quite negatively.  She can get a little dramatic.

There are a few things that they did with my Dad when he went to the doctor.  He ended up having some blood work run and she did several other tests and he passed all of them.  They also decided that they wanted to have a scan done of his brain to rule other things out.  He is almost 72.  The scan is scheduled for next Monday.

Yesterday, they called and his blood work had shown something wonky with his thyroid.  They are putting him on medication for that.  This may explain why he’s always so sleepy.  My Dad can fall asleep anywhere.  Apparently, a wonky thyroid can also cause tremors.

I usually try very hard not to go to “Dr. Google” for anything like this.  To me, until a trained professional physician, who has actually physically examined you, says something is wrong, than nothing is wrong.

Visiting “Dr. Google” is as bad, if not worse, than watching Dr. Oz.  Between the two of them, you could type in or watch the show and think everything could kill you.  Every time I have ever seen the actual Dr. Oz show, I am usually convinced that I am going to die.  Maybe it’s just how he talks about stuff, but seriously every time I have watched that show, I am convinced that something I eat or drink is going to disfigure me, or attack my innards, or somehow turn my children into orphans.

I hope that my Mom got a good night’s rest last night. 

I hope that she stays away from “Dr. Google.”

More than anything, I hope that this whole thing with my Dad, is just a big bunch of nothing.


5 Comments on “Tremor”

  1. Holly says:

    I hope everything turns out ok with your dad :0(

    • Kelly says:

      Me too. If it worried him enough he actually went to the doctor, then it must not have been good. I feel bad that he got the brunt of my Mom’s freakout show.

  2. Holly says:

    Unfortunetly for us, we come from huge families full of drama queens. I’ve even been known to freakout at times (hard to believe, I know), but those times are few and faaaar between <>. I’m still sitting here trying to wrap my mind around the fact that your dad is almost 72. That’s crazy! Keep us posted and give him my love.

  3. Jen says:

    My Dad recently got put on a thyroid medicine. Suddenly he was like the Dad I remember, much less forgetful, less sleepy, far more energetic, less grumpy. It’s amazing how much it affects. I hope things are ok for your Dad.

  4. I’m impressed your parents were even considering a Hawaii trip. Mine don’t go anywhere.

    Hope he is doing better.

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