Last night, when Mea was finished with her gymnastics class, her coach approached me with an invitation for Mea to join the actual gymnastics team.  We were both initially really excited about this invitation, but after a lot of thought, I have some reservations.

Mea is really good at gymnastics.  Especially for being the youngest in the group of girls she is with in the pre-team class.  She can outperform the two older girls on several things.  One of the girls in her class is eight, almost 9, and the other is 6 almost 7.

When we were first told about team or pre-team, they had told us that the kids had to be seven to even be considered.  Mea is still five.

The practices for team, meet two nights a week, for two hours each time, 6:30- 8:30.  Not to mention the cost.  The monthly fee is $170.  That is one hundred and seventy US dollars, kids.  Almost half of a car payment.  Two weeks of groceries.

For a five-year old.

Although, I am a bit honored that they would ask her, I just think it is too much.  Too much money, too much time, just too much.

It also makes me wonder if the invitation is just to get more money out of me.  It is a for profit business.  If they “convince” enough parents that their kids are ready for team, that is a lot of money.

I am more than a little annoyed that they decided to talk to me about it in front of Mea.  She wants to do it.  Then again, she has no concept of what $170 a month is.

The other thing that I am pondering is this.  If she is good enough to be on their team, maybe I should check out some other gyms for her.  At least when the money is right, and things fall into place.  We have a gym that has trained and coached an Olympic champion.  This place is not nearly of that caliber.

It’s got me thinking and pondering.  I think for now, I’d like my kid to just be an average five, almost six, year old.  Four hours of training a week, plus competitions seems like a lot for my little shortie.


3 Comments on “Invited”

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    Congrats! Although I agree; it seems a bit odd that they would mention this in front of your daughter instead of keeping it within the adults first.

  2. I agree. In addition to money and time, you don’t want to risk injury.

  3. Jen says:

    That is a huge commitment for a five year old to make, isn’t it? I also don’t like that they mentioned it in front of Mea, it makes me a tad suspicious.

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