Falling Apart

I feel like I am falling apart.  Not in the mental sense, but in the physical one.

March of 2008, and September of 2008, I had bunion surgeries.  First the left foot, then the right foot.  I had been dealing with pain in my feet for years.  Bunions are hereditary, and my Mom has two of the scariest feet in the universe.  They look like something out of a horror film.  Bunions, hammer toes, you name it, she’s got it.  She tries to say that they don’t hurt.  I think she is a liar.  They have to be painful.  It hurts me just looking at them.

Anyway, after years of working retail, and years of standing on my feet in heels for hours on end, my feet needed fixed.  The bunions were starting to poke out, and the pain was getting miserable.  I could have had both feet done at once, but my doctor said that the recovery is much worse, and it would have meant at least twelve weeks off work, maybe more.  Doing one foot at a time, did a couple of things for me.  I could still drive when I had my left foot done, Mack had her driver’s license by the time that I had my right one done.  I was able to keep Mea home with me both times, which meant I didn’t have to pay our sitter, and we got a lot of Momma/Mea time (her adoption had been finalized in February of 2008.)

So for the most part my feet have been okay, there are times where they might hurt a little if I have been standing or walking a lot, but for the most part they are fine.  I have only a little feeling in my right big toe, this is really the only negative.  Anytime you have surgery there is a risk of nerve damage.  So it’s been mostly okay.

On the 24th of March, I was getting ready for work, and noticed that my right foot was bruised around my toes.  I honestly figured that maybe I had kicked something, and didn’t realize that I had.  (Toe numbness.)  At that time it really didn’t hurt.  Then as the week progressed it started hurting.  The bruising got worse.  It started swelling.

I went into the doctor.  They did x-rays, and it appeared that nothing was broken.  They really didn’t have a good reason for the bruising, pain and swelling.  The doctor that saw me said that maybe I had somehow gotten an infection, she was worried about the possibility of the infection spreading to my bones via the hardware holding my foot together, a couple of screws and a wire.  She gave me some pain medicine, and an antibiotic, and sent me on my way.  She wanted to see me on the following Monday.

Over the weekend, I rested, soaked my foot, kept it elevated when I could, and followed doctors orders.  I went in again on Monday morning, and she said that it looked better, I needed to come back in two weeks.

The antibiotic lasted until this last Saturday.  My foot was looking much better.  Almost all of the bruising was gone.  Almost no pain.  I was pretty pleased.

Then on Sunday it started looking bruised again.

On Monday it was more bruised and swollen.  Yesterday, it was down right awful.  Hurt really bad, was so swollen I could barely take my shoe off at the end of the day.  I called them back to see what they wanted me to do.  If I needed to come back in, or could they call in some more antibiotic, or whatever else I needed to do.

They said to keep my appointment with them on the 16th.  Then they called back and said that they had made an appointment for me with a podiatrist on the 23rd.

When I got up this morning, it was worse again.  I called them back and they said to come in.  I just got back.  They think there is a good possibility that the infection has made it into my bone.  They put me on a stronger antibiotic, and called the podiatrist to get me an earlier appointment.  I go in to see him next Monday.

I hope that it is nothing major.  I asked the doctor today what he thought they might do to me.  He thinks it’s quite possible that they will want to remove the hardware in my foot, and that it’s the screws and wire causing the infection.  Which means surgery.  Which would totally suck.

Let’s hope that it’s nothing.  That it will just get better and not be stupid.


2 Comments on “Falling Apart”

  1. Jen says:

    healthy, happy foot thoughts headed your way.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, my knees and wrists are giving out. I might have to be put down…

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