Conehead and the Snaggle Tooth

This evening after I get off work, Mea and I are going to go out and pick up Franklyn from the emergency animal clinic that did the surgery on his leg.  They have called me several times in the last two days to let me know how he is doing, and to give me updates on our little guy.

He seems to be doing well.  The veterinarian who was on duty last night loved him, said that he was a sweet little pup with a wonderful personality.  He had his bandage removed this morning, and it has since been decided that he will need to wear a “cone of shame” at least until they can remove his staples.  He was licking, and he can’t be doing that.  So we will have a conehead puppy.

He will also pretty much be on lockdown for the next several weeks.  Confined to his kennel with the exception of potty time.  This is not going to go over well.  He is a whiner.  It is going to be a long road to recovery.

Last night, Winston was looking all over for him.  All over the house, all over the back yard, he was in and out of Franklyn’s kennel a million times last night, and looking out the front window like he was just suddenly going to pull into the driveway.  He misses his crazy little companion.  Mea was missing him too. 

Conehead puppy pictures will be on their way.

Yesterday, when I picked Mea up from the sitter’s she had lost another tooth.  This is number three.  I was a bit surprised at which tooth had fallen out.  One of her top teeth has been so wiggley, but it was one of her lower front teeth. 

This is the face you get when asking for a smile showing the new "space." She is a weirdo.

Both teeth in the front center are loose, as well as the one that is opposite of the tooth that she lost yesterday on the bottom. 

I am afraid that we will soon be entering into that awkward snaggle tooth phase that all kids go through.  Their teeth are too big for their faces.  Until other teeth fall out and fill in there is usually some amount of crookedness.  There is the whole wait and see what the dentist has to say about braces, retainers and all that other loveliness.  We have been lucky so far, Mack didn’t need anything, ever.  Cleanings, check-ups, one tiny filling in a weird space on one tooth that wasn’t really a cavity, but the dentist felt that it had potential to be a problem so he filled it anyway as a precaution.

The other girls all have their Dad’s teeth, completely straight, and have never needed anything either.

We’ll just hope that when the little snaggle tooth gets all her teeth out and in, that she doesn’t need anything either.

 I got through Monday, I shed a few tears yesterday, and today I feel mostly back to my normal self.  Monday was some kind of shitty day.  Some days are like that.  Thanks for putting up with me.


One Comment on “Conehead and the Snaggle Tooth”

  1. She will be darling, no matter what her teeth look like.

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