The Wheelkennel

Everyone, including me, is probably sick to death of hearing about my dog with his poor little broken leg, so this will be the last of the dog with the broken leg chronicles for a while.

Last night, Mea and I went out and picked our sad little guy up.  He was happy to see us, wagging his tail even.  I got his release instructions, and paid a shit ton of money the bill, and we headed home.  The clinic that did his surgery is quite a ways from home, and the silly dog wouldn’t lay down in his kennel.  Stood on three legs for at least half an hour.

Part of the discharge instructions are that he is to be in his kennel with the exception of going to the bathroom for the next 4-6 weeks.  That is a long time.  Especially in dog years.  Especially for a kind of hyperish puppy.  Normally, we keep the dogs kennels in our bedroom.  Small house, honestly the “best” place for them.  On both Sunday and Monday night we had brought Franklyn’s kennel out into the living room so that he could at least be in the same room with us.  Dragging his kennel back and forth for 6 weeks was going to be full of the suck.  Then when Mea and I were on our way home, my husband called with this idea.

Doggie Wheelkennel

We put his kennel on this little cart we had, and TADA! A doggie wheelchair.  Now we can wheel him into the living room, and at night or during the day when he goes to bed we can wheel him right back into the bedroom.  This is going to save our backs, our hardwood floors, and it lets Mea “help” with his care.  She asked me last night if she could be Frankie’s “nurse.”  So cute. He’s pretty out of it, but I expect him to be for a while.  It’s when he feels better, and still had to be cooped up in his kennel that I am really worried about.  He is most likely going to make us crazy.  Hopefully, my husband’s little invention helps with that. I do have a couple of posts rolling around in my brain, that I have been pondering for a while now.  One in particular thing I keep stewing about, but can’t decide if it’s a good thing to put out here or not.  Could annoy, or set some people off.  We shall see.


2 Comments on “The Wheelkennel”

  1. Jen says:

    Your hubby gets points for that great idea! And how cute that Mea wants to nurse the puppy. Good luck with the healing process.

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