Good News

My Mom and Dad went and met with a neurologist yesterday about my Dad’s hand tremor and the results from his brain scan.

He has a slight case of Parkinson’s disease.  Mild.  No tumors, nothing else weird in his noggin, and apparently because there is no “test” for parkinson’s disease, they rule other things out, and then assume that it is what it is.

They can try some medications if he wants to try them.  Otherwise, it may just be an annoying thing he learns to deal with.  It will never turn into anything like Michael J. Fox’s version of Parkinson’s.  In fact, the doctor told my parents, his jerky big movements are most likely a side effect of the medication he is on.  Crazy, huh?

Doctor’s are so weird anymore.  I am sure that there isn’t much room for being an amusing brain doctor, but this guy actually told my parents that this would not be the thing that killed my Dad.  At nearly 71, old age, or something else would get him first.  I suppose that is somewhat comforting, but not really.  I don’t want to think about my Dad dying, especially if he’s not taking my Mom with him.  I love her more than anything, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she would make my sister and I crazy if he were gone.

He’s a tough old bird, there is no doubt about that, he feels good, when his hand is to tremory, he puts it in his jeans pocket.  Cure for everything.

In other news, today is Mea’s first softball game of the season.  I was drawn to be the lucky treat ticket host, which means I need to buy the treat tickets for the team for when their game is done.  When you are 4-6 years-old, the whole point of softball is to get your treat ticket.  A very important role.

Her coach is a clown.  Next year, we will be researching a bit better where she is going and who her coach will be.  This guy has had practice on Sundays at 5:30, hello dinner time?  Family time?  Then sent an email today to say that because he is a soccer coach, he will not be at their games until 6:30.  Some of the games start at 5:15, they only last 45 minutes.  The COACH will only be at two of the team’s games.  Out of six.  Really?  What is the point of him even volunteering?  My husband and I should have done it.  At least we would have been there.

Cutey pie softball pictures to come tomorrow!


3 Comments on “Good News”

  1. Oh, yeah, that’s comforting. I guess that’s why doctors don’t write Hallmark cards.

  2. Heather says:

    Zack has a coach who has trouble showing up too. He was at their first game but has been at none of the pratices. The other coach was there and Jim got roped into helping too. Seems to me if you can’t commit to being there don’t volunteer.

  3. Jen says:

    I’m glad this is something that won’t progress badly. I suppose that was a comfort, in a weird doctor kind of way. I don’t get the coach thing. Why volunteer if you aren’t going to even attend? How do you coach them to better if you don’t know how it’s going?

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