Oh, Deer…

Last night, Mack hit a deer on her way from Yellow State City, to our city.  She is fine.  She doesn’t know about the deer, it ran away.  Her car is officially toast.

Oh, Deer…

So, it looks like the Bonney will be put to rest.  Mack is sad.  She has actually asked to take a piece of it with her.  She want’s the rearview mirror.  Although, she has lost little bits and pieces of it all over our state at this point, and it has seen much better days, she really is quite attached to this car.  Weirdly so almost.  My girl is sentimental.  I’m sure it will be seeing the giant squish machine, so I’m sure they won’t have a problem with her taking a little memento.  I am pretty sure that there have been several times where the old Bon Bon saved Mack’s life.  Remember the Crash Boom Bam day?  So between the Deer, and the Crash Boom Bam day, I think that her 19-year-old Bonneville, 300,000+ miles, and broken everywhere car has served her purpose, and has lived a good life. It’s almost like putting a pet to sleep.  My girl’s first car, it has served her well. Hopefully, deer, snowbanks, and other stupid drivers stay clear away from her in her “new” ride.  She can’t seem to get away from the Pontiac’s, and the new one is burgundy too. 

 Everything is intact. Sounds like winning to me!


2 Comments on “Oh, Deer…”

  1. Heather says:

    Sucks about the car but glad to hear she is ok.

  2. Jen says:

    I am glad she is ok and hope the new car serves her well.

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