Getting Motivated, Or Really Annoyed…

Yesterday, I attended a “Get Motivated” seminar.  I was looking forward to it.  There were some speakers that I was particularly interested in seeing speak.  Bill Cosby, Dan Rather, Joe Montana, Steve Forbes, Robert Gibbs, and Karl Rove (which made me snort, after remembering my friend Libby’s blog post here) a football and basketball coach from each of our major state schools.  Although, I had seen the advertisements for the “Get Motivated” seminars before, I had never actually gone to one of them.

I just had a feeling there had to be a catch.

Of course there was.

I am just surprised by the amount of people who seemed to fall into it.  They set up these headliners, to get you excited about coming to see them.  They advertise the headliners all over the place.  Once you are signed up, you get email after email after email from them.  (I have heard this continues on forever.)  In between the speakers who you came specifically to see, they stick these slick hustlers in there trying to sell you get rich quick schemes.  I was completely amazed at the amount of people flocking to the tables to sign up to pay for this stuff.

Even people who I know.

There was one that was marginally okay.  I still don’t believe that what he’s selling is anything that is going to truly make someone a bunch of money, unless they have some money to start off with, but he did have the best presentation, at least for the hustlers. 

The second one, the super smarmy one, James Smith, was so unbelievably rude, classless, and degrading to everyone and everything, I just could barely sit through it.  The thing is, if you are going to talk dirty, then talk dirty, if you are going to be offensive own it, and be offensive, but don’t contradict yourself all over the place.  Don’t say love all people and then call special needs people “retarded,” don’t say love all people and then say that people from India are “red dots” and that God loves them too, even if they worship cows, that is some rude, ignorant shit to say, even if you think you are being funny.  It went on and on and on.  He was nearly the longest presenter.  I was about to get up.  In fact, I did get up before it was over, went to the restroom, and then went outside for a minute for some fresh air. 

I just hate that it is even possible that people thought this man was going to make them wealthy.  I hate that people are so easily swayed into parting with their hard-earned cash to someone who is like this.  What I have now read online about this whole thing, is they try to get speakers that will relate with the crowd.  It is possible that the regular speakers, not the salesman, were geared toward the crowd.  It makes me sad that people actually went and signed up to spend money to attend further “workshops” with this guy.  There clearly is a sucker born every minute.

I believe in God.  I attend church, although not as regularly as I probably should.  I cannot stand when a preacher, or anyone for that matter tries to tell me that God wants me to do something.  Especially, if you are telling me that God wants all my money, or that he thinks I should be open-minded about the next presenter, or that if I buy it God will make sure that I am successful.  What I do with my money is between myself, my husband and God.  Don’t try to guilt people, with religion, into buying your foolishness.  Don’t play into people’s weaknesses to make a buck. 

The only woman speaker at the conference, shared her success in the “silent close.”  I was pretty amused after she shared her “secret” and then promptly tried to use it on everyone that she had taught it to.  It obviously works on some people, because a flood of people went and signed up for her 1 day workshop, after she had used every step of the “silent close” on them.  Really?  Really.  Go give her your $29, this is how she has become a millionaire. 

The other speakers, the actual famous ones, were fairly interesting.  Dan Rather, Steve Forbes and our state college coaches were all pretty great speakers.

I am usually pretty good at motivating myself.  Partially because the idea of failing, is so unappealing that I just simply refuse to fail.

I am what makes me successful.  Me.  Hard work.  Pushing myself.  Being as honest in my work as I can be.  Being honest with myself for what I can and cannot do.  

Maybe I got a little motivated after all.  Motivated not to be smarmy.


One Comment on “Getting Motivated, Or Really Annoyed…”

  1. Jen says:

    I love your final comments here. You are indeed, what makes you successful my friend. Your honesty and willingness to do the work shine through in this blog of yours and is part of why I admire you.

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