Smoovies and Baseball.

Mea has been on a smoothie kick.  I am happy to make them so long as she is happy to drink them.  Good healthy breakfast for my girl for sure.

I am working into sneaking some veggies in there, but right now, I will take her yumming up on fruits, yogurt and juice.  Mea is not a big fan of vegetables, she never has been.  We are working on it, one veggie at a time.

Yummy Smoovie!
(These “th’s are getting harder and harder to say, with each tooth lost!)

Tonight, one of the granddaughters is coming over for a sleep over.  We are taking the girls to the Iowa Cubs game, which should be fun, or a nightmare.  We shall see.  At almost 6 and eight, they tend to get bored easily.  Hopefully, there is enough stuff going on to keep them entertained.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


3 Comments on “Smoovies and Baseball.”

  1. I am a lucky Mummy. My girls will eat their veggies first!
    Enjoy the game.

  2. Jen says:

    E doesn’t care for the veggies either (or eeda, since th’s are tough right now). Since I’m about 98% vegetarian, this poses challenges. We are working on it. I do sneak them into things and the smoovie is a great option.

  3. libbylogic says:

    Sneak in some carrots. She won’t notice.

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