Bloggling 2

I have had another couple of days, where I have been thinking of things to put on here, and then can’t think of what I really want to say.  Nothing of enough sustenance to actually make a blog post of. 

So let’s go with another little bloggling, shall we?

  • Last night, Mea had a major melt down.  Crying, sobbing, just inconsolable.  It happens sometimes, I really wish it wouldn’t.  I am hoping that she was just tired.
  • The Questioneers parents went to Vegas to get hitched.  Which means that they haven’t been standing at the fence playing twenty questions, and Honey has only been barking at us a couple of times a day when someone comes to let her out.  It has been blissfully quiet.
  • I was uninvited to the ultrasound of youngest step-daughter.  Apparently, the doctor’s office has a limit to how many people can come, and I didn’t make the cut.  My feelers are a little hurt.
  • My husband volunteered our house for youngest granddaughter’s birthday party, (birthday was actually yesterday) which means that whether I want to or not, my house will be getting the deep clean next week while I am on vacation.  Not to mention that her mother is the one that is currently not speaking to me.  I wonder if we are invited to the party if it’s being held at our house?
  • My sister and brother-in-law are currently in Florida, and my parents just got back from Hawaii.  I want to go somewhere without children now.  Really bad.  I would even go to Yellow State City, if it was just to get away for a bit.  Wait, one of my kids lives there.  Crap.
  • I am thinking of having Mea’s hair braided for her 6 year pictures.  I think it will look really cute with the dress that I bought for her.
  • Mea is going to be six.  How did this happen?

This concludes our little bloggling adventure for today kids.  Hopefully, I’ll come up with something more profound for tomorrow.


4 Comments on “Bloggling 2”

  1. Sometimes you need to skip the “profound” to just get your thoughts out there. I do that all the time. I would be hurt too if I got uninvited to a step-daughter’s ultrasound, so you’re not overreacting. As far as the bday party, granddaughter’s momma is just going to have to get over herself if she’s going to be at the birthday party. I told you yesterday that I thought you needed time alone for your birthday. Hello vacation! 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    No worries, we still have melt downs some time. Some much larger than others. I am hoping by the time Zack reaches… oh… 8 or 10 we can be done with them just in time for the little one to be a full on diva. Oh goody….

  3. Jen says:

    How did our little ones get to be this close to 6 already? Sniff. I hope the party goes well and that you don’t have to do too much for it.

  4. libbylogic says:

    If you aren’t invited you need make sure she hires a maid service for the deep cleaning.

    And she still owes you an apology, maid service or not.

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