My Mea turned six-years old yesterday.  She is getting too big!  It is time to put her back in her little baby bubble.  Ugh, I seriously wish this could happen sometimes.

We had a super fun Luau pool party, jointly with her cousin who is exactly 51 weeks older.  These two are definitely each other’s little Gemini twin, sometimes evil, and sometimes sweet, they balance each other out with their own kind of crazy.  They are so cute together, and just the best of friends.

Hula, hula!

Don’t they look cute with their little coconut bras, grass skirts and leis?  My parents brought them back from Hawaii for the birthday party especially.  The girls thought they were so cool. We had a pretty nice turn out.  (The majority of Mea’s friends did not come, which I may or may not have a rant coming up about this.)  Lots of family, and friends were there to help us celebrate.  We got my parents pretty good.  All of their closest friends were there for their Fortieth Anniversary.  I wish I would have taken a picture when my Mom saw my Aunt Karla and Uncle Dan walking up the sidewalk, it was absolutely priceless.  As each person showed up to celebrate them in addition to the birthday girls, she just beamed.  Not only were they surprised, but they really like showing off their grandkids, and all four girls, plus all three of our big kids, and all of their kids, were in attendance.  The weather was good, our parents were surprised, and the kids had fun.  This is what matters most. We had my niece stay the night after everything was done, and the girls had lots of fun staying up late and destroying Mea’s room.  We let Mea open her presents from us in the morning, and I had planned a surprise trip to Build a Bear in the afternoon. As I was loving on my girl, and spoiling her socks off, I hoped many times that her other Mommas were out there thinking of her on her special day too.  I know that I thought of them on many occasions yesterday.  If it weren’t for those two ladies, I wouldn’t be Mea’s Momma.  It would have just been any other day. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I get to celebrate this girl on her very special birthday.


One Comment on “Six.”

  1. Jen says:

    I so want the baby bubble too! Our girls are just growing too fast!! Mea is adorable in her little get up there. I am happy to hear the surprise went off well and your parents enjoyed their anniversary bash. Family together is the key indeed! These are the memories you’ll treasure, not the friends who may not even be in her life in a few years time.

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