Birthday Rant

So now that the birthday’s are out-of-the-way for a while, I think I’ll get on my soapbox for a moment and have a little rant.  Shall we?

Last year, I had a little fit about the lack of RSVP’s to Mea’s party.  I decided not to let the lack of phone calls bother me this year.  No one RSVP’s anymore, it’s just not a thing people do, even if it is rude.  So I didn’t let it bug me.  I was a little concerned that I hadn’t heard from ANY of the kids, but I decided it was what it was.

Then the day of the party came.

It was a joint party with my niece and Mea.  My sister and I had both had them invite the same amount of friends.  Ten each.  We had decided that this was what we could handle, while watching them at the pool, and everything else.

We invited 2 girls from gymnastics, 4 girls from daycare, and five friends from school, well maybe 6 friends from school.  We invited the twins, I decided they were actually one, since their names are almost the same and the mom dresses them the same every day, like my sister would notice.  So, I actually invited twelve girls.

My sister and I had decided that Mea’s niece’s and nephew would cancel out some of their kid’s friends, so we didn’t count those kids into the 10 each.

All of my niece’s friends came with the exception of two, for a total of ten, plus the family friends that came that hadn’t been counted into the 10.  My sister had also invited extra’s thinking that maybe some kids wouldn’t come.

Mea had 3 friends show up.

If it hadn’t been for her nieces and nephew, she would have only had 3 kids there.  They were all from daycare.  Not a single kid from school came.


Now, Mea only really noticed that her one good little buddy from school wasn’t there.  I noticed that they were all missing. 

She had fun, and that’s all that matters.  Right?  Right.

Rant Part Two.

We reserved the shelter at the park, and the wading pool.  The park is open until dark, the pool closes at four o’clock every day.  There are signs posted at the entrance to the park, and right by the pool stating what time the pool is open until.  Because we had reserved the pool, it was open until four like it normally is, then after four they clear the pool, put reserved signs up at the entrance to the park, and one near the pool.

Countless people kept coming up to use the wading pool.

There is an attendant on duty who is supposed to keep people who are not part of the party from using the pool.  We had to keep pointing out people who weren’t supposed to be there.  Most understood, and were nice.  A few got in the water for a few minutes anyway, and then left shortly after they got in.

A few people walked up, stood at the sign that stated the pool was reserved, and just stood there staring at the sign like it was going to magically disappear.

Now, one lady, got her baby undressed, put her swim diaper on, and suit on after the attendant had told her that it was a private party.  After she was told that it was a private party, she got her baby dressed in her clothes again, and then went and asked my Mom if they could stay.  My Mom came and asked me.  I said no.

Now, if we hadn’t sent every other person away, maybe I would have said yes.  But I was doing what I do, which is called being consistent.  If I let one family play, I had to let them all play.  We had paid to rent the pool.  If you had come to the park and we hadn’t rented the pool, it would have been empty, as they drain it at 4 PM every. single. day.

After my Mom told her no, she put her baby back in her swimming gear, and came and asked me.  Now, at this point I was just getting annoyed.  The other part of this whole thing is she was rude.  She was a total bitch about the entire thing.  Maybe if she had been nice it would have been a different story, but she was a bitch.

When I told her that I said no because we had told everyone else no, she said something like, “I am not every body else.” 

Woah.  Who the fuck did this bitch think she was?

I asked her to leave.

She got in my face and started yelling, I told her to leave before I called the police, she started yelling at me as she was dragging her baby and her other kid down to the parking lot. 

The best part was my Aunt L yelling after her to shut up and get the heck out of there, and to leave us alone. 

Feisty.  I love it.


5 Comments on “Birthday Rant”

  1. Yay for feisty aunts for sure. Ridiculousness to both. I’m sorry Mea didn’t have many friends at the party. 😦

  2. Holly says:

    Somehow or another I completely missed this entire scene! Russ told me about it on the way home. He told me my mom was gettin’ pretty feisty with the woman– LoL Good for you for staying consistent! You guys paid for the pool! If you had let every Tom, Dick and Harry (and snotty bitches with their babies) in to use the pool at the same time, you run the risk of ruining the girls’ party. But as it is, Bitchy Woman will get over it, and the girls’ party was awesome :0)

    • Kelly says:

      Later, your Mom said, “Phooey on her. This is Mea and Sloane’s party. Who does she think she is?” Then went on a rant about people pretending they don’t understand English when you know they do perfectly well. Pretty funny. I love her.

  3. Heather says:

    I hate… hate… HATE kids parties for the RSVP reasons. Zack’s birthday is in January so it is a bit easier to get kids to come (with Mea’s being in summer it is probably harder) but last year we invited like 10 people and I got NO RSVP’s until about 2 days before the party. He ended up with about 4 kids there and he loved it but I always end up feeling like it is a popularity contest for the parents and if they don’t know you well then they just say nope, not going, even if thier kids would love to come.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with all of this. It makes me wonder if since Mea goes to a private daycare and I am not the one picking her up and dropping her off to and from school each day if this made a difference.

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