I took Mack back to the eye doctor this afternoon for her follow-up appointment to look at the birthmark on her retina.

I felt like a bad Momma.

I remembered the appointment earlier in the week, but completely forgot this afternoon when it was time. Her eye had to be dilated again for the exam, so she didn’t feel comfortable driving herself, even the very short distance it is from our house. I don’t blame her. It really messes with you.

The doctor was running very late. Her appointment was at 2:30, and we weren’t seen until almost 3:15, then had to wait for her eye to dilate. Nerve wracking for both of us, I think.

The good news is that there was no change. Which means that they will just monitor the eye every year at her regular check-up.

Now, the last time she was there she was so hysterical after the appointment that the doctor didn’t really review with Mack what it would mean if there was a change in the birthmark, he tried to reassure her that it was most likely nothing to worry about. When I called he told me that there was a chance that if there was a change that it could mean that there was cancer in her eye. I didn’t tell her this part either because the doctor told me that he didn’t think there would be a change.

So after he looked at it, and he said that there wasn’t a change he told her that she did need to watch for a few things and call immediately if she noticed any of these changes. If she has any sudden change in her vision in that eye, if there is ever any pain in that eye of ANY kind. If she would ever suffer any sort of injury to that eye. If any of these things happen she is to come in immediately. He even said that she should call his after hours number so that he could be paged.

Now, this did sort of scare the crap out of me, and out of her.

Look into her eye. (I stole this from her FB, it is sideways on purpose.) She said she had David Bowie eyes.

I think that he wanted to make sure that we both realized just how serious this could be, and that he was there for us if we needed him. It was after explaining the things to be so cautious about that he mentioned that the changes in appearance of the mark could mean cancer. Pain, change in vision, an injury could also mean cancer or that it is growing, etc.

I think Mack was pissed at me that I hadn’t told her. I didn’t want her to be worried for three months. After a while, I kind of had put the worry to the back of my mind. We couldn’t do anything until the follow-up visit anyway. No point in fretting for that long of we didn’t have too.

So glad that it was what we thought it would be. I think she was really relieved.

I know that I am. My blue-eyed girl is healthy, and shouldn’t have to worry for a long time.


2 Comments on “Dilated”

  1. That’s really scary! I wouldn’t have told her either. Like you said, nothing you can do until the followup anyway, so no use worrying until then. I’m so glad she’s healthy!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m glad there was no change!!!

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