My Awful Little Secret

Now, don’t get offended when I tell you this.  It most likely doesn’t apply to you or yours.

I try really hard on a regular basis to curb this little issue that I have.


Okay, here I go…


I typically don’t really like other people’s children.  Sometimes, I even hate the little snot noses.


Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely LOVE my own children, I love my nieces, I love the grand kids.  The majority of my friend’s kids I like, some I even love. The majority of your children I love, just because they are parts of all of you.  But just regular kids, stranger’s kids, I just usually don’t like them.


At all.


Kids should have manners.

Kids shouldn’t lie.

Kids should listen to grown-ups.

Kids should be good in public places, and the parents that let their kids run around like heathens, I don’t like them either, or their stupid parents.

When kids say things they have no business talking about, things to mature for their ages, I can’t stand that.  This I also blame on the parents.

Kids should be quiet when grown-ups are talking.  Especially when the kid is old enough to know better.

Kids should say “Please” and “Thank you.”

Just in general, kids shouldn’t be little assholes.  I hate it.

Now, when Mea has friends over, and back in the day when Mack did, I always try hard to like their little friends.  Some of the time it works.  Other times, it made me want to go hide somewhere and pray for the time to come when I could take the little brat home.

Mack had a few of these.

Mea is starting to get a couple.

The good thing, most of the kids you can’t stand usually don’t last long.  As your well-behaved child learns that they get in trouble for acting like their little annoying friend, the friendship fizzles out.  Hopefully, it does this until they make friends with someone who is like your own child.


2 Comments on “My Awful Little Secret”

  1. I think a huge chunk oft the bratty behavior can be attributed to parents who are afraid to discipline their children (you don’t have to whoop the snot out of them to give them a message) and permissive parents who are so afraid of offending the little creatures that they just let their kids run all over the place. The military is FULL of these kids because the kids have learned that if they just threaten to tell another adult that it will get their parents to do whatever they want. The parents don’t want to be investigated for sending their kid to time out because the kid was sassing. I hate other kids too. You’re not alone.

  2. Jen says:

    I always joke (sort of joking) that I don’t like anyone’s children but mine. Not technically true, but I completely get this. You are not solo on this at all.

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