Hydro Tube

On Thursday, Mea and her Dad went to the local pool to have some fun in the super hot sun.  They ended up meeting up with several of Mea’s little buddies, and they played in the pool for four hours.

She was exhausted.  My husband got fried.

I asked him if he bothered putting sunblock on himself, and he swears that he did, but he is looking sort of Burnt Sienna, even today.  Note to husband, just because you are brown doesn’t mean that you can’t get a sunburn.  I think he may have learned his lesson.

Now, back in the olden days, when I was a kid, the swimming pool that they went to was just that.  A pool.  Two low diving boards, one high dive, many swimming lanes, a little baby pool off to the side.  We had lots of fun there, and spent many summers there, but it was just a regular old public pool.

It is so fancy now.  There are fountains, and almost the entire pool is pretty shallow, not a lap lane in sight.  There are two water slides in the back. 

Mea does not care for the water slides.  She went down with her Dad once, and that was enough as far as she was concerned.

They go too fast, she gets water in her nose, she thinks they are stupid.

Now, I always liked the water slides.  There weren’t too many places where you could go that were close to where we lived, so we didn’t get to go on them very often.  Then the shopping mall near our house, opened a water slide in the mall.  We were all so excited.  IN. THE. MALL.

Um, well.  It had issues.

Many friends had parties there.  Many other groups, church, girl scouts, etc. had parties there.  We would be there, going around in circles, climbing up the million steps to the top of the slide, standing in line to go down, going down the slide, and then starting all over again.  It was fun.

Unless you got stuck in a tube.

On multiple occasions.

I don’t know if it was a communication problem, or what happened, but more than once, I got “stuck” in the hydrotube.  They turned the water off in the tube I was in shortly after I had started down the slide.

No water, equals stuck.

No water equals crawling down the tube on your hands and knees.  Or sliding dragging along on your butt, down the entire length of the slide.

Which is a few moments of thrill when you are actually sliding with the water, but it seemed like it took hours to crawl, drag, slide my way out.  Especially the last time that it happened.

The turned the water off.  Probably within the second I was out of sight from the top of the slide.  I had to crawl the entire length down to the pool. 

By the time that I got out I was a little hysterical.

The next day my butt hurt.

I showed my Mom.

I had to go to the doctor, which meant I had to show our BOY doctor my butt.  I remember being very disturbed at Dr. Brown looking at my booty.

I ended up with impetigo, on my butt.

In the winter.

If only I had been smart enough to have crawled up, instead of down.



One Comment on “Hydro Tube”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh Kelly. I just snorted reading this. Snorted! Thank you for the laughter. Snorted!!

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