She’s Going to the Lympics

For some time now, I have been contemplating moving Mea from the gym she currently takes gymnastics at to a different one.

Her current gym seems pretty disorganized, classes are late to start and early to finish, (this irritates me because it is not cheap), when they were scheduling for summer they asked if I wanted her to join the team, I said no partially due to her age, and partially due to the half a car payment that the price would go up monthly.

After I thought about it, and came back and told them that I didn’t want to put her on the team just yet, they informed me that the pre-team class that she had been in would no longer be available. I was slightly annoyed at that time, but just went with it.

They put her in a class that was supposedly at her level. There are kids older and younger than she is in the class, and quite honestly she is no longer being challenged. She is getting bored.

There are some other issues with  the gym. The classes are all taught by very young girls. There isn’t a lot of direction.

I emailed Chow’s Gym, and asked if we could come watch a class and see what they would have available for Mea. I explained what she could do, how old she was, that she had been in the pre-team class, how long she had been in lessons, etc.

They emailed me back, said that they would love to show us around, and also do an assessment of her skills. That a coach would be calling me soon to set up a time to come out.

She called me this afternoon. Everything there seems so much more organized. The coaches are all parents who also all do gymnastics which equals older teachers, I like this a lot.

I had held off from telling Mea about it until this evening after her regular gymnastics class. When I started to tell her about it, and was explaining where we were going, and why, she started getting really excited. Shawn Johnson trained there. Gabby Douglas moved from her home town two years ago to train there.

She is clapping and cheering in the backseat, and then says, “I’m going to the Lympics, Momma! Just like Shawn and Gabby!”

One thing at a time baby girl, but we shall see.


2 Comments on “She’s Going to the Lympics”

  1. Sounds like the new gym is quite the winner. Yay for that! 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    I love that confidence!! I hope the new gym is awesome. I know E’s is stupendous. There is all the right equipment and lots of it. I admit to a smidge of wishing they’d have some kind of “gymastics for adult clutzes with no core strength” class for me there.

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